Wednesday 11 May 2016

Edible Obsessions | Yummy Pasta from Ask for Luigi's

In the front, the Sane e Pezzi and in the back is the Bolognese Rigatoni!!!
Hi dolls!

my two favourite cuisines are italian and mexican; therefore, I generally am hitting up restaurants that are pasta or taco heaven! This was my second time dining at Ask for Luigi's and it was more delicious than I remembered! I kind of am struggling to form coherent sentences because I am practically just drooling all over the keyboard as I reminisce about their perfectly al dente pasta. 

This time around, my friend and I went for lunch (last time was brunch) and we shared two pastas: sane e pezzi, lamb sausage, chickpeas & kale as well as the italian classic, rigatoni & bolognese. Luigi's knows how to make good pasta - the right amount of firmness and chewy texture. The best part, you get to watch out the talented chefs roll out fresh pasta steps away from your table! 

The bolognese sauce was creamy and rich with rich flavour. Personally, I would have preferred a different pasta shape instead of rigatoni. Last time, the bolognese was served with tagliatelle which is a long flat pasta like linguine. I think the tagliatelle was a better choice as it soaked up the sauce better. I found the rigatoni to be very chewy since it is a thicker pasta shape. 

A slice of the Chocolate Budino Cake! 
The Sane e Pezzi was a new one for me. I would have never thought of pairing chickpeas and kale in a pasta, but it worked! Haha made me also feel like I was being healthy because it had kale. The lamb sausage was great and the flavours worked well together. 

Between the two pastas, the bolognese sauce was better - you can never go wrong with a classic - however, I preferred the pasta noodles from the sane e pezzi. 

For dessert, we shared Luigi's in house baked chocolate budino cake. The rich velvety chocolate cake slice was topped with fresh whipped cream and praline pieces. The chocolate budino cake is like between a chocolate torte and a chocolate sponge cake. I do not know how to explain it, but it is a rich chocolatey cake that was DELICIOUS! Next time around though, I am going to try Luigi's Panna Cotta!! 

Let me know what your favourite is at Ask for Luigi's and if you have pasta noodle preferences like me! I cannot be the only one?! 


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