Wednesday 9 August 2017

Edible Obsessions | Cannoli Sundae at Beta 5

Beta 5 Ice Cream Social | Cannoli Sundae
When it comes to Italian pastries, cannolis are my absolute favourite! Whenever I go to an outdoor market or festival, I always keep an eye out for cannoli king's food truck because I just cannot get enough of them. I tend to order the pistachio cannoli most because in my opinion, I think it is the best one. 

Beta 5 Chocolates decided to take my favourite italian pastry and re-imagined it as an ice cream sundae. A mini cannoli filled with a lovely orange scented ricotta cream sat atop a scoop of pistachio ice cream and ricotta stracciatella ice cream. The sundae was also garnished with candied orange and pistachio pieces, vanilla chantilly and expertly crafted long dark chocolate ribbons. I swear it was a total coincidence that they did a pistachio ice cream for the cannoli sundae, but it was a delicious coincidence that I loved! 

Beta 5 has always done fantastic stracciatellas. A good stracciatella for me is a creamy ice cream that is not too strong in flavour and full of chocolate shards. The chocolate pieces need to be thin and large enough that when you bite done, you get a crunchy texture followed by a rich dark chocolate taste. The pistachio ice cream was phenomenal, full of great flavour and very creamy. 

My favourite part had to be the adorable mini cannoli that was filled with an orange scented ricotta cream. The orange flavour was too subtle for me and could have been stronger. I also loved the long chocolate curls. Just like in the stracciatella, the chocolate curls are satisfyingly crisp and then melt into a creamy dark chocolate. 

A valiant effort in making a cannoli, but I think Cannoli King still makes the best ones in the lower mainland. The pastry cream filling needs a little improvement.


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