Thursday 10 August 2017

Local Love | SeaWheeze 2017 Exclusive Runner's Shop Line

One more day until I run the 2017 Lululemon SeaWheeze 1/2 Marathon!
Two days from now, I am going to be running my first ever 1/2 marathon, the Lululemon SeaWheeze 2017! I am very excited because SeaWheeze is known to be a very fun high energy marathon and I have only heard amazing things about the event as a whole. Now in its 6th year, the SeaWheeze has become a must attend for runners both across Canada and the USA! That is HUGE! 

As this is my first year, I really did not know very much about the events that precede and follow the actual 1/2 marathon. The day prior to the race, Lululemon sets up a Runner's Exclusive Shop at the Vancouver Convention Centre that opens at 7am for the registered racers and opens to the general public at 11am. The exclusive SeaWheeze gear is so highly coveted that runners have actually lined up 2 days in advance! Marathon runners are one of the most disciplined and self-motivated athletes that I have ever met, so I am not shocked that they are just as serious when it comes to shopping for their run gear. 

Lounging on Air Inflatable Bag Chairs as they patiently wait for Exclusive Runner's Shop
Today after work, I headed down to the Vancouver Convention Centre to check out the set-up and chat with some of the campers. For many, this will be their second night out on the pavement waiting in line for the Exclusive Runner's Shop. A lot of the runner's are from out of town. I met individuals from Texas, Alaska, Calgary, Mississippi and Toronto. Just really shows how big the SeaWheeze has grown to be. Aside from one heavily inebriated women, everyone was taking it easy and just chatting with their neighbours in line. A huge number people in line were lounging on "Air Inflatable Bag Chairs" which looked extremely comfortable and I really want one now. At the very front of the line was Andrea and Jodi and their group of friends who have been waiting in line since Wednesday August 9th at 9AM! Now that is commitment! And since then, many more have joined these ladies in anticipation of being one of the first to shop the 2017 SeaWheeze Collection. 

Andrea and Jodi | Number one in line for the SeaWheeze 2017 Exclusive Runner's Shop

"It's like tailgating without the booze, but with like-minded amazing people" 

In the Jack Pool Plaza, volunteers were busy preparing for the pre-marathon events taking place all day tomorrow, Friday August 11th. There is a huge pegged wall that will turn into a large public art piece under the main tent. Along the sea wall is this year's "YOGA. RUN. PARTY" sign. I am not too keen on the pattern/colour that the sign has been done in. The Yoga is a brown wood, the Run is green grass and the Party I think is amber coloured beer??? I think last year's all white signs were far more chic and fit the Lululemon brand better as well as made for better pictures. 

Suki's genius way to ensure no one lost their place in line
The Suki's team were doing complimentary french braids for all the runner's waiting in line. I thought it was very sweet of them to do so as I find with the summer heat and humidity, I just want my fair out of my face and off my neck, so I am certain the women in line really appreciated this service. Since no one wants to lose their spot in line - especially after waiting HOURS - Suki's had a genius solution of using giant signs to mark the person's spot in line while they had their hair done. Honestly though - GENIUS! 

Flow Water Alkaline Water | SeaWheeze 2017
Lululemon has also invited Suki's back for tomorrow, so keep an eye out for their stylists if you are wanting your hair braided! This was my first time having my hair braided professionally and I could not believe how fast and how neatly she was able to braid my short hair. What I would not give to have my hair done professionally styled each and every day. 

Flow Water Display for Lululemon SeaWheeze 2017
Lastly, I got the pleasure of witnessing Flow Water's creative team construct their amazing display for the SeaWheeze. I am in love with their colour palette, the shades of teal and blue that is broken up with soft greys. I found the use of the umbrellas to be quite funny because Vancouverites know that 60% of the year, we live in RAINcouver. I cannot wait to take a million shameless pictures with them tomorrow in the hopes of getting the perfect Instagram picture. 

I will be heading down to the convention centre around 7:30am tomorrow to pick up my runner's package. Please do give me a wave if you see me there as I would love to meet you! I wish I could go to the Exclusive Shop, but I have to head to work. 


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