Thursday 11 January 2018

Fresh Prep Rosemary Salmon with Ancient Grain Risotto

This was my first time making salmon and I think I did really good. The fish came out moist, flakey and full of flavour. I am so proud of myself and this gives me the confidence to make more salmon in the future because it is really good for you (Canada's Food Guide recommends two servings of fish per week). With the salmon, I had a side of ancient grain risotto which again, to my astonishment, turned out really good, perhaps even perfect.

The salmon was easy to make. It came pre-portioned and filleted with the skin removed. All I had to do was toss it on a sheet pan, season it with lots of fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper, dried rosemary, olive oil, slices of lemon and a fresh rosemary sprig. Citrus always brings out the flavour of fish, so be generous with the lemon juice! I pulled it out of the oven around 10 minutes and let it sit and absorb all the juices. 

I really made sure I followed the instructions for the risotto because if I have learned anything from Chef Ramsay, risotto is a tough dish to master. I did manage to burn the onions, so they were dark instead of translucent. The parmesan made the risotto creamy and gave it a nutty flavour. 

I would add a side of vegetables and it is really easy to do with this recipe. You can toss some carrots and broccoli seasoned with salt and pepper into the oven with the fish. It could not be any easier because you literally could just put it on the same try as your fish. 

Would I re-order the Rosemary Salmon with Ancient Grain Risotto? YES

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