Tuesday 30 January 2018

Toch'd Devil is the most extra hot chocolate from True Confections

'Torch'd Devil' from True Confections and only available through the Foodora App
Winter is really dreary in Vancouver, but cold days makes for the perfect days to enjoy a big warm cup of cocoa. Now you know me, I do not do anything small, instead I try to just always be a little bit extra because life is too short to not enjoy every moment! That is why when I heard Foodora paired up with True Confections to create the most extravagant hot chocolate ever, I just had to go try it for myself. The 'Torch'd Devil' is not just about looking magnificent, it tastes amazing too! I also might have just discovered my new favourite chocolate cake and also really want to go back and try the Coconut Custard Cake. 

True Confections' took their signature hot chocolate and gave it an ooey gooey makeover in celebration of National Hot Chocolate Day. It starts with a piping hot mug of hot chocolate which is made with two scoops of 68% dark Belgian chocolate ganache and steamed milk. 

The 'Torch'd Devil' is Head Pastry Chef Thomas Chambers' creation, so it was really exciting to watch him make this devilishly good hot chocolate for us. Watching Chef Thomas pipe the marshmallow Italian meringue onto the mugs was like watching an ASMR video. He piped the rosettes perfectly and then pulled out his chef's torch to brûlée the meringue until it was beautifully golden. What followed was a slice of True Confections' Devil's Chocolate Food Cake. The chocolate sponge was light and in the middle was a generous layer of airy chocolate mousse. The cake was topped with more of that toasted gooey sticky marshmallow meringue and giant chocolate curls. 

The most shocking part is that the massive slice of Devil's Chocolate Food Cake was actually made half the size of their "normal" cake slices, so it would fit on the hot chocolate. True Confections probably has the biggest and tallest slices of cake that I have ever seen in my entire life and I feel like will ever see in my life. 

Starting January 31st, a.k.a National Hot Chocolate Day, to February 6th, the 'Torch'd Devil' will be available exclusively through the Foodora App. So you can either order it in advance or while you are at True Confections. To really get the full experience, you will want to enjoy it at the bakery! Also, it will only be available at the 866 Denman Street, Vancouver True Confections location. 


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