Tuesday 9 January 2018

My picture got reposted by Narcity Canada YAY!

WOOT WOOT! @NarcityCanada reposted my picture!
I work really hard on my blog which includes writing all my own original content, maintaining my website and taking pictures. So when my work is liked and appreciated by a massive media company, I cannot help but get really absurdly excited! Narcity Canada (@NarcityCanada) just reposted the picture I took of Native Shoes' monolithic wall and their mantra "Keep it Lite" in neon lights. 

I started watermarking my images last year because I found my pictures were being taken from Pink Tea Latte or my Social Media channels and being reposted by other people. The internet is really big and when you publish something online, you cannot stop people from re-using your work. Since it had happened to me a few times, it started to bug me, especially when large Instagram accounts were doing it. 

I still have people take my pictures and crop out my watermark before publishing it on their pages, but the fact Narcity kept my watermark AND give me credit makes me respect them that much more! I seriously cannot contain my excitement. Literally doing a leap of victory! 


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