Thursday 25 January 2018

MilkCow is in Canada!

Honey Cube | MilkCow
Vancouverites cannot get enough of cold creamy confections and it is no wonder when delicious new parlours keep opening here. The newest addition to our soft serve scene (a sub category of ice cream that we are loving most right now) is MilkCow! I was not familiar with the brand, but MilkCow is vastly popular around the world and originated in South Korea. It is so popular that MilkCow is endorsed by the biggest K Pop Stars. So even though I only just discovered MilkCow, others have been in love with their soft serve for years. 

I got an exclusive interview with franchise co-owner, Tommy, and got to learn a little more about the company. Tommy and his brother - his business partner - first got hooked on MilkCow during his trip last year to San Francisco. One thing led to another and soon MilkCow's first location was approved. 

We knew on first bite that we needed to bring Milkcow to Vancouver - Tommy

The soft serve is really nice both in texture and flavour. I appreciate the natural milk flavour is really highlighted in the soft serve and not masked by sugar. I prefer the soft serve to be a pure milk flavour because you can pair it with any type of topping. I was curious to know if you can milk soft serve sugar free and apparently it is very difficult to do so. Sugar is necessary when making soft serve because the sugar molecules help stabilize the milk solids to ensure a good texture. Without sugar, the soft serve would not have the lovely soft smooth texture. It did take Tommy quite some time to find the perfect balance between the amount of sugar and getting the milk flavour to shine through, but he did it! I just found that to be really interesting to learn. Also, their secret formula is primarily milk and cream, so you know you are getting the real deal here. 

I tired a few of their most popular flavours including their current feature, the Tiramisu. I started with the Milky Cube. A generous swirl of MilkCow's classic soft serve that is then garnished with a piece of locally sourced honey comb. The sweetness from the honey worked really well with the soft serve. I just do not know how to describe it other than - IT WAS REALLY GOOD. I suggest the Honey Cube because you get to really enjoy the milky flavour of their soft serve and then you can enjoy it a little sweeter with the honey. I love the wax in honey comb, but if you do not like natural honey comb wax, choose the Milky Honey as it is a drizzle of natural liquid honey. 

The next one I tried is the tiramisu and it also happened to be Tommy's personal favourite. The cup is lined with espresso soaked lady fingers and then filled 3 quarters of the way with their signature soft serve. The cup is then filled with their secret gooey cheese - yes cheese! The tiramisu sundae is finished with a dusting of cocoa powder and two chocolate coffee beans. Do not be frightened by the cheese because it is so good. It is sweet and adds another texture and just really reminds me of a slice of tiramisu. It also reminds me of those cheese topped bubble teas that were a huge trend last fall. I did press Tommy for details; however, he would share the secret behind blend of cheeses. Personally, my guess would be a combination of marscapone, cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar. 

I like to have a spoon full of just the milk soft serve on its own first, no toppings, to really taste the milky goodness. Then I eat the rest of it together with all the toppings - Tommy

Also, why is it when anything is dusted with a powder, like icing sugar, cocoa powder or matcha powder, I basically end up inhaling it and then choking on the powder particles. I cannot be the only one who does this when they take a bite?? It is so embarrassing because I was just hacking with a mouth full of soft serve. Super attractive. 

I finished off my lunch of MilkCow soft serves with the Santorini. The cup is filled with oreo crumbles, filled with a swirl of their soft serve, topped with tropical blue syrup and pistachio crumble and then garnished with a chocolate cookie straw that holds up a fluffy blue cone of cotton candy! Lots going on in this one! It is a fun sundae with a really dramatic cool look. It tastes like a blue raspberry candy and then when you get to the bottom you get the cookie pieces. It reminds me of being a kid because you just have fun while eating it. 

This is only the beginning for Milk Cow because Tommy has a lot of fun things in the works. Over the months he is going to introduce bubble waffles, milkshakes and bubble tea. I personally am really excited for the bubble waffles because I love how the exterior is crunchy, but the inside is soft and yummy. 

MilkCow is now open in Richmond and only a two minute walk from the Richmond Olympic Oval. It is a little tricky to find, so look for the T&T as it is across from the MilkCow storefront. I myself will be returning there soon to try a few more of their flavour concoctions like the Macao dream which is crushed almonds and macarons - YUMM!


Tiramisu | MilkCow
Santorini | MilkCow
Look at the massive amount of cotton candy on the Santorini 
Tiramisu so good!! My favourite! 

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