Monday 12 February 2018

#Beta5Love Collection for Valentine's

#Beta5Love truffle collection exclusive for Valentine's 2018
My infatuation with Beta 5 Chocolates extends beyond their Summer Ice Cream Socials - let it be sundae season already - I indulge in their decadent cream puffs and chocolates year round. Chocolates are synonymous with Valentine's Day, so naturally, the Beta 5 team created a limited edition box of truffles and polygon bar. If you are not familiar with Beta 5, polygon bars is their name for a chocolate bar, but made using an ornate mould. They have also released a "bouquet" of their cream puffs including a special one for Valentine's day. 

All of their chocolate creations are made by hand at their storefront near Science World and you can watch the chocolatiers hard at work through the large window behind the cash. From their entire Valentine's day collection, I am most excited for their #Beta5Love box of chocolate truffles. There are 6 different truffles and each of them represent a different moment of love. It is a box of 12 truffles so two of each flavour that is meant to be enjoyed with your love to revisit those precious moments. The box also comes with an insert that describes what each flavour represents and a question to help invoke the memory. And as always, the Beta5 has done an exceptional job at capturing the flavours. The two standout flavours for me was the Butterfly and Enduring. The Butterfly is made with the premium Valrhona chocolate, specifically the new double fermented chocolate. By going through a second fermentation, the chocolate gets an additional layer of flavour. In the Enduring is a unique bespoke chocolate aged in a Bourbon Barrel which gives the dark chocolate this smokiness.  

Here is a quick rundown of the 6 chocolate flavours in the #Beta5Love

Spark | first moment of intense attraction (strawberry jelly, strawberry ganache, pistachio pop rock praline) 

Blush | sudden rush of possibility (lychee jelly, rose + black tea milk chocolate ganache)

Butterflies | first date jitters & nervous anticipation (passionfruit white chocolate ganache, Itakuja dark chocolate ganache)

Lust | burning desire the kind that lingers (blood orange caramel infused with mezcal, chipotle milk chocolate ganache)

Transformative | challenges overcome together & fosters deep respect (black garlic dark chocolate ganache, Bows + Arrows Ethiopian coffee infused dark chocolate ganache)

Enduring | complex layers of intimacy that comes with mutual trust (bourbon barrel aged 72% dark chocolate crafted for Beta5 by Fruition Chocolates in New York)

I am a huge fresh flower lover; however, not everyone can enjoy them due to allergies. Beta5 has decided to play homage to the most popular Valentine's gift by creating a cream puff bouquet. Their three most popular flavours plus a new one are getting a little makeover with flower image garnishes. Vanilla Bean is pussy willow, Vietnamese Coffee is daisy, Lychee Rose is obviously rose and the exclusive Valentine's flavour, Chocolate Passionfruit, is going to be hydrangeas. The Chocolate Passionfruit cream puff is a silky milk chocolate chantilly cream with a fresh passionfruit curd. This flavour is also in their #Beta5Love box and passionfruit also makes an appearance in the caramels. 

The last item from their collection is a new polygon bar named the King of Spades and meant to be the partner to the Queen of Hearts polygon bar. The Queen of Hearts is made with freeze dried raspberries and candied earl grey giving it a sweet tart flavour. The King of Spades on the other hand is a much deeper richer chocolate bar and is striped with two flavours. There is dark chocolate Oreo crumb (YUMM) and an espresso infused white chocolate. It kind of looks like a tuxedo to me as the sides are black and the middle is white - hahaha. 

I also cannot get enough of the packaging for the Valentine's collection. I am living for the metallic copper embossed lettering on the light lavender grey. It is refreshing and stunning and really stands out amongst the stereotypical reds and pinks. 

The collection is available now till Valentine's, so head over to their storefront ASAP! And while you are at it, go next door and say hello to my florist Garden Party Flowers and it goes without saying that the beautiful purple blooms are from them. 

If you want to see more pictures of Beta5's collection, head over to their Instagram @Beta5Chocolates and you can check out mine @PinkTeaLatte


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