Wednesday 7 February 2018

Valentine's Flower Trends 2018 With Garden Party Flowers

For me personally Valentine's Day means a giant arrangement of beautiful fresh cut flowers, so you can probably only imagine how excited I am for February 14th!!! I actually even popped into my favourite floral boutique in Vancouver, Garden Party Flowers, to take a peek at this year's Valentine's flower trend. 

The biggest day of the year for any florist is hands down Valentine's day and they begin preparing for it months in advance. Garden Party Flowers placed their order for Valentine's 3 whole months in advance! The demand for flowers in February is so high that if they did not do it months in ago, Garden Party would actually not be able to get any. Ooo if you actually head over to their Instagram @GardenPartyFlowers they have been posting stories of the massive flower deliveries they are getting in preparation for the big day. That is crazy! What is crazier is that boys and men time and time again leave Valentine's till the very end which often means they are scrambling to find flowers. 

So this post is specifically for the BAES SO SEND this article to them now as a not so subtle hint to place their flower orders immediately. In fact, everyone should order their flowers before Sunday otherwise, you might not be able to get any which would be an absolute travesty. 

Girls do not just want long stemmed red roses with dollar eucalyptus and babies breath. Red roses are beautiful, but boring. There seems to be this fear of screwing up Valentine's day, so people try to be safe and stick to red roses. The high demand for red roses has lead to the absurd inflation of prices in February - nearly doubling!

I asked Garden Party Flowers to share their choice of florals to give on Valentine's:
  1. Mixed Spring - tulips, hyacinths, ranunculus - these flowers come in gorgeous vivid colours and are easy to care for meaning they will be around longer to admire and put a smile on your beloved's face. 
  2. Mauve + Pinks + Whites - Roses are gorgeous flowers and come in a whole spectrum of colours and types (garden, spray, AVALANCHE aka MY favourite). Mauves and Pinks are the biggest trend in flowers right now and not marked up in price like their red counterparts for Valentine's day. 
  3. Exotic Flowers - generally Orchids are quite expensive, but around Valentine's, they are relatively cheaper when compared to the red rose, so it is a good time to be a little fancy and ask your florist to include some orchids in the arrangement! 
Lastly, should you do a bouquet or a floral arrangement in a vase? If you are going to be presenting the flowers to your boo in person perhaps at dinner, you will want to go with the bouquet. However, if you are planning on sending the flowers to their workplace or even to their house, go for something already arranged in a vase because there is nothing more annoying than receiving a stunning bouquet of flowers and not being able to put them down anywhere till you go home. Trust me, go with the vase! 

So trust your florist and let them be creative! Unless red roses are your girl or boy's favourite flower, go with something different and fun because I promise you that it will not only save you money, but it will look beautiful too! Not to mention, I hate when everyone has the same thing as me and I can assure you I am not the only one who feels that way and wants to be unique. Place your orders now!



  1. Flowers are probably the only think I like about Valentine's Day :)

    1. AHHH! Me too! I love flowers and Valentine's day is when you basically have to get flowers because its the thing to do right? haha Wish everyday was flower day