Saturday 3 February 2018

Recognized TWICE in one week

I started Pink Tea Latte on March 15, 2015 and never did I imagine it growing so big that I would be RECOGNIZED when I am out and about. This week, I was recognized not once, but TWICE! That is a record for me and I am like holy moly that is wackamoly! So without being too cheesy, Thank You! 

I am really glad you are all loving Pink Tea Latte and I want it to be as much yours as it is mine. So if you want me to do more posts on something or try out something, tell me in the comments below. If you do not have any requests at this time, just say hi, so I can say HAI back haha. 

Also important announcement: I now feel more comfortable being critical when it comes to reviewing food and products. So if I love something, I will continue telling you. However, if I dislike something, I am going to start sharing why I hate it. So basically, I am going to be keeping it even more real and no longer omitting what I hated. Especially when it comes to food because Vancouver has a lot of restaurants and everyday there are new opening, so if I do not think it is worth visiting a place, I will be letting you know. 

If you see me out and about, please feel free to stop me because I want to meet you too. Hope to see more of you amazing people in Vancouver. 


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