Sunday 11 February 2018

Macaron & Fried Chicken Valentine's Bouquets Exclusively VIA Foodora

This year, Valentine's day happens to fall mid week on a Wednesday which means a large majority of us are either working or at school. It really makes things a little tricky to surprise your love with something sweet when you are both stuck at the office and also have work the following day. To make things easier, my favourite food delivery company, Foodora, has partnered with two local restaurants and created edible bouquets. Oh and it is not just a sweet one, but a savoury bouquet too!!

Bon Macarons specialize in the delicate almond cookie. For Valentine's day, you can order an adorable bouquet of 12 heart-shaped macarons. You get three different flavours: Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Pomegranate and White Chocolate Vanilla Bean. I ate them a bit too fast and do not remember which colour is which flavour, but there is a red, dark pink and light pink macarons, so I am assuming the colours correlate to the flavours. The bouquet has a few fresh leaves and little wax flowers which I thought was a nice touch. The wrapped bouquet comes in a really nice white box and a fun card. I think 12 macarons for $25 is a really amazing price considering how ridiculously expensive macarons can be. Since 12 macarons are quite a few for one person to eat in one day, they recommend putting them in the refrigerator in which they will be good for another 2 to 3 days. The macarons had a good texture, crisp on the exterior, chewy in the middle and they did a good job with all of the flavours. 

I think it is really cool that Juke Fried Chicken is doing a bouquet of their signature perfectly crispy fried chicken. For those who do not know, I generally am not a big fried chicken eater, but if you take me to Juke, I will devour a few pieces. You get 8 pieces (mix of thighs and legs) is $29 and comes in a giant paper cone that is then placed in a box with another cute Valentine's day card. I love eating at Juke because of their two house made sauces: Hot Sauce and Beer Spiced Honey. The latter is my favourite, so if you are like me and need to drench your chicken in sauce, put a note down when ordering on Foodora and Juke Fried Chicken will throw some in for free. It is a fun cheeky Valentine's day bouquet and it makes a great meal for two! There is no better way to say I Love You then with free range fried chicken. Also, Juke's fried chicken is gluten free! If you are unable to eat it immediately or it gets cold, re-heat it for 10 mins at 400 to 450 degrees celsius and your chicken will be nice and crispy again. 

Both the macaron and fried chicken bouquets are going to be available for pre-orders starting tomorrow, Monday February 12th exclusively through Foodora. If you really want to get your Bae one, I suggest doing it soon because there are limited quantities, 40 Fried Chicken Bouquets and 20 Macaron Bouquets. 

If you end up getting one, let me know in the comments below! I would love to see a picture! I also always post first on Instagram so follow me @PinkTeaLatte


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