Friday 10 April 2020

My Go To Skincare For Average Skin with Mild Acne

Problematic skin seems like the bane of all our lives, but it is what it is. I had my fair share of acne. I recall waking up to a new angry pimple nearly every morning in high school. The worst part was how big, red and painful my acne was. Despite acne wreaking havoc on my skin throughout my adolescent years, I know only get the occasional angry pimple. For the most part, I get a few little bumps here and there and some redness. 

I have tried a whole slew of acne-targeted products. The over-the-counter topicals and creams to the fancy facial washes and serums. Heck fun fact, I even took a year of antibiotics, Minocycline, but decided to go off of them because I wanted to reduce the amount of medication I was putting into my body. 

My face and skin in all its glory. Not a stitch of makeup. This is me! 
So that is a quick back story on my experience with facial acne. Throughout the years I have learned how to care for my skin without the use of too many harsh acne products because let's be real, those products are often abrasive, drying and generally end up doing more harm than good to your skin. The most important change I made was stripping back my skincare routine. 

These are the 4 products I use daily!

Wash, wash, wash your face! It seems simple enough, but the number of individuals who wash their faces with water alone is startling. Water is not going to remove the built-up oil and grime that gets into your pores. Remember our bodies are protected by clothing, but our faces are completely exposed to all the grime and dirt in the air. I have been using the Khiel's Foaming Face Wash from their Calendula line on and off for years. It is designed for Normal-to-Oily skin and does a wonderful job of leaving your face feeling fresh and clean. 

  • Following the cleanser is Step 2: the Toner in my skincare routine. Again, I like Khiel's Calendula line which is formulated without alcohol. I cannot stress the importance of using a toner that is alcohol-free because alcohol will strip your skin of precious oils leaving it dry and flakey. I am not the best at using toner because I am lazy and it is additional work, but I should really be using it. Anytime I use Toner, my moisturizer soaks in beautifully into my skin. Toner also helps tighten your pores and this specific toner really helps reduce visible redness on my face. 

My friends could not help point out that I am living the boujee life by using AESOP because the Australian Skincare Brand is definitely pricey. They also happen to make some of the most amazing products that I have applied to my face. I love their Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream because I absolutely adore the scent of citrus. More importantly, the cream is hydrating without being heavy or greasy on my face. I absolutely despise creams that leave residues.

Several years ago, I was introduced to Clearify by my esthetician at Urban Body Laser. I was constantly frustrated by my skin, so she gave me a sample of the bright orange-hued serum and instructed me to dab it onto my pimples at night. This stuff works wonders! Unlike the drugstore topical creams and spot treatments, Clearify is not harsh. Mine is the Osmosis branding, but Urban Body Laser has rebranded it to R3 Derma Health hence why the packaging looks different. 

These are the four products that I currently use as a part of my skincare routine. I primarily look for products that are hydrating and gentle. I try to stay away from those marketed towards Oily skin as they are far too drying for me. Honestly the more I strip oil from my face, the oilier it gets. I highly recommend investing in a good blemish serum in place of the over-the-counter drugstore varieties. 

Most importantly, this is what works for me and my skin! 


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