Thursday 9 April 2020

Rediscovering my love of Board Games and SCRABBLE

Who remembers weekend afternoons playing board games with your siblings, cousins and friends? Growing up, my family and I loved to play board games because believe it or not, in the '90s there was no wifi or internet at home and we only had basic cable. No on-demand movies or tv shows or endless world wide web entertainment. What we did have was each other and board games! 

The first couple of days of the Government mandated physical distancing and isolation was wicked because it felt like I was on Spring Break. Hangout at home in my comfy leggings and sweatshirts. Not being nagged by my parents for being lazy and cooped up at home was wicked! But there is only so much TV and mindless web surfing that can fill your days. After the initial excitement wore off of getting to kick back, relax and watch all the TV I wanted, my brain began to feel like mush. I basically turned into a zombie laying on the couch passively watching the Next Great Spring Baker on loop. 

I need stimulation, I need excitement, I need to be challenged! This is when I rediscovered my love of board games! When I was younger, I preferred Monopoly, LIFE and SORRY! Monopoly is still lots of fun, but definitely requires four players for a decent game pace. I only have my Mum to play with me, so SCRABBLE has been the winner for us! 

The weird thing is, I had never played SCRABBLE up until last summer when my friend Maggie introduced it to me during our Vancouver Island road trip! We found it up in our treehouse and spent the night playing while sipping on wine. Well, she indulged in red wine and I had a coke because I have never truly been able to appreciate the flavour of alcohol. I loved playing Scrabble so much with her that I went out and purchased the board game for myself. 

I am really glad that I picked one up because SCRABBLE is saving me from boredom. My SCRABBLE is the deluxe version. Oooo super fancy. Not going to lie, this "Deluxe" edition is made with cheap plastic, but none the less, the primary feature that I purchased this version was that the tiles will not shift or slide on the board. We all know just how infuriating it is when the tiles move and you have to try to realign the tiles to the boxes. 

According to the fancy box, the SCRABBLE Deluxe Edition comes with:
• The board rotates! This is an amazing feature because imagine trying to come up with a word while simultaneously having to read the board upside down. Or you can argue that the true challenge of playing Scrabble is to read upside down. 
• The board is designed with a raised grid. This way the tiles do not shift and move around! If I had to pick between a swivelling board or the tiles staying in place, I pick the gridded board. Luckily this one comes with both. 
• The box itself comes with a convenient carrying handle! Whoot Whoot! I am sorry, but I thought this was hilarious. Its almost as if the marketing team was like "we need a third feature!" So there is a flimsy black handle inserted into the cardboard box. Pretty darn wicked. 
Like I said, the Deluxe version is made of lightweight moulded plastic. If you want the classic cardboard version, you can put it on a lazy susan and voila, now you too have a rotating scrabble board. Scrabble hacks I tell yah. The Classic Scrabble 

What is your favourite board game? Curious to know! 


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