Monday 13 September 2021

Chatime 10 Year Anniversary Collab with the Moon & Back Gallery

Happy 10th Birthday Chatime Canada! To celebrate, Chatime Canada has partnered with Vancouver's beloved selfie studio, Moon & Back Gallery. I have had Chatime plenty of times because they always come through with their signature Milk Teas. You would think I would have been to Moon & Back Gallery already, but this was my first time checking them out. 

One of the special features for season 3 at Moon & Back Gallery is the exclusive Chatime room. The purple-hued room features an 8-foot boba cup complete with boba straw and beachball bobas! Across from the giant Chatime cup was my favourite corner in the entire space. Rainbow holographic walls are dotted with pictures of Chatime bubble tea glasses. A purple LED "Chatime 10th Anniversary" hangs from the wall and in front is a bubble swing! Needless to say, everyone had a fun time posing in that space. 

Favourites like the infinity rooms, diamond eyes tunnel and the 2D room are back for season 3. In addition to those are 13 new selfie rooms. There are lifesize "Barbie" packaging to pose in, a giant "pool table," an upside-down room and a kids room candy room complete with a ball pit. The optical illusions are what made the spaces fascinating and more fun to pose in. 

I do not want to spoil the surprise by giving away too many details on the rooms. What I can tell you is that you have until November 30th to visit and occasionally on weekends Chatime will be popping up with bubble tea! 


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