Thursday 9 September 2021

Fox & Oak Coffee and Doughnuts in Downtown Squamish

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who like fluffy airy brioche doughnuts and those who prefer the denser cake doughnuts. Brioche doughnuts will forever be my favourite. Perched on the corner of Main Street and Cleveland Avenue in Squamish is my newest doughnut obsession, Fox & Oak. This blogpost is months overdue, so the doughnut flavours I talk about might not be part of Fox & Oak's current lineup.

The coffee and doughnut shop is still fairly new, but has already amassed a loyal following. For the hour that I was there, the line-up warpped around the corner. In fact, I braved the line twice because I had to get more doughnuts to snack on later. 

I have a weakness for fresh strawberries and when they are cooked down with rhubarb, it is just magical. The naturally leveaned brioche doughnt was generously filled with the strawberry rhubarb cardamom jam. Fox & Oak kept the rhubarb and strawberry pieces large, so the jam had a wonderful texture and a fresh sweet taste. The doughnut was finished with a glaze, pie shell lattice and whipped cream. 

I did not think anything could beat the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Doughnut, but it was immediately dethroned by the PB & J brioche doughnut. The pillowy 24hour leavened doughnut was filled with a life changing peanut butter airy whip cream situation. The doughnut was then given a strawberry glaze and topped with toasted peanuts. The PB&J needs to be a permanent fixture on Fox & Oak's menu because I was practically licking the peanut butter filling off from the plate. -- I checked, Fox & Oak does not have it on their current menu which is a massive disappointment. 

I love filled brioche doughnuts, so I did not have high hopes for the Mango Passionfruit glazed ring. It fell flat for me and my friends. Doughnuts with just a flavoured glaze are boring and generally taste like sugar to me. 

We paired the doughnuts with a latte and a matcha latte. Both were well made, smooth, frothy and delicious. Balanced the sweetness of the doughnuts. 

I will definitely be returning to Fox & Oak on my next trip to Squamish or pass through when I am driving up to Whistler. On a sunny early morning, sitting outside with an unobstructed view of the mountains and blue skies is heaven for me! 


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