Thursday 16 September 2021

Claudia's Kitchen is upgrading your home charcuterie

Charcuterie has steadily garnered popularity in Vancouver and I only see demand increasing for these artistically arranged meat and cheese boards. Originating from 15th century France, Charcuterie has evolved from only meats to now include an array of accoutrements. Claudia's Kitchen specializes in charcuterie condiments and sent over a package containing their 4 core products. 

Claudia's Kitchen is elevating your home charcuterie spreads. All of their condiments are prepared fresh in Vancouver in small batches. Owner Claudia is making it a point to reduce as much packaging waste as possible, so the condiments are packaged in small reusable glass mason jars. In addition to the condiments, Claudia plans to offer common charcuterie foods like meats, cheeses, crackers, pickles and nuts. 

Onion Jam - sticky, savory & sweet

Smokey Apple Mustard - sweet & hot

Orange Fennel Mustarda - Citrus & Tart

Sour Cherry Compote - Sour, Sweet & Savoury 

All four condiments smelled and tasted wonderful. These condiments are not exclusively for the charcuterie boards but can be enjoyed in several other ways. I cannot stand onions, so I had my father taste test the onion jam for me and he really enjoyed it. He plans to spread it over bread and probably will end up eating it straight from the jar because unlike me, he LOVES onions. I appreciated the Smokey Apple Mustard being made with whole mustard seeds. Definitely will be using it on my sandwiches. I have never had a mustarda before and it did not disappoint. The Sour Cherry Compote will be going on my ice cream. Plus they are BC cherries and are whole. 


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