Wednesday 8 September 2021

Fig Face is Innovating Facials in Vancouver

Fig Face has changed the facial game in Vancouver with its innovative tech-forward approach to skincare. When co-owners Isabella Blow and Jessica Walsh moved from London to Vancouver, the duo noticed YVR had very little to offer in terms of spas. I do not disagree with them. Vancouver does not have much in the way of spas and relaxation. 

Fig's gorgeous green exterior and interiors are what initially piqued my interest. The floors, walls, counters, and even the ceiling are all green. But if you pop into the bathroom you will be treated to a delicious pink, representative of the fig fruit's pink interior. I could go on all day on Fig's impeccable styling and details. Needless to say, Scott & Scott Architects deserve an award for their work on Fig. 

There are no beds at Fig, but instead behind the thick velvet drapes are custom green-upholstered barber chairs. The chairs are surprisingly comfortable and come with a footrest, so when the technician tilts the chair back, it feels like you are laying down. For me, the chairs are the biggest departure from the typical spa setting. They want you to be comfortable, but Fig also wants to be the place to visit for a pre-work facial.

The facials are designed to be 30 minutes in length and incorporate various technologies to maximize the skin results. I have tried two of their facials, the Hydrate + Glow and the Lift + Tone. Both are distinctive in the techniques and 

Hydrate + Glow (Core Facial) | regular $95 member $89

If it is your first time at Fig, I would start with the Hydrate + Glow. Begins with a double cleanse followed by microdermabrasion which exfoliates the surface level. Serum blast of Hylauronic Acid gets moisture deep into your skin and finally LED Light Therapy which is personalized to each skin type. For me, it was the blue light to target the inflammation and bacteria-causing skin. 

Lift + Tone (Core Facial) | regular $115 member $105

Fig embraces technology and incorporate three innovative treatments during the Lift + Tone facial. After a deep cleanse, Radiofrequency Thermatone is used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The device starts out cool, but soon warms up as it targets the fine lines. The Biosonic Ultrasound emits a high frequency soundwave that stimulates collagen deep in your face. Also increases serum penetration, temporarily boosts circulation and ultimately helps plump and lift your cheeks. To finish, LED Light Therapy, the blue light was used for me to target the acne-producing bacteria and inflammation. 

Both facials were amazing and I saw positive changes to my skin. It looked clearer, and visibly smoother. Between the two, I prefer the Hydrate + Glow. I am still shocked that microdermabrasion is part of the facial as it is often a separate treatment offered at spas. 

Like most facial bars, Fig Face has a membership program. I opted for the Advanced Gold which is $99/month and alternates between the Hydrate + Glow Facial and the Lift + Tone Facial each month. There are several benefits that come with being a member, primarily discounts on treatments and additional facials. I really want to try the Collagen + Texture Facial, so more to come on that. 

The aesthetics is gorgeous, the facials are amazing, but my favourite part about Fig Face is the No Tip Policy. I agree with founder Walsh. Tipping makes me extremely anxious and it is simply annoying in Canada. Thank you Fig Face for getting rid of the tipping expectation. 


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