Thursday 3 September 2015

Chic Life | Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2015

Hey Dolls!!!!

If you follow me on instagram { #pinktealatte } you already know that I hit up the 2015 Aritzia Warehouse Sale! Aritzia is a Vancouver-based company; therefore, their main head office as well as warehouse is in Vancouver. Us Vancouverites are the lucky duckys who get treated to an annual giant warehouse sale. This is my third year attending and each year it has only gotten bigger and better. 

Today, September 3, 2015, was the first day of the Sale, doors opened at 7AM! HOLY MOLY that is early right? Well, I got up at 6:30am and sky trained it downtown, reaching the location around 7:30am. The line wrapped around the waterfront to the back of the convention centre..... and this was only the line outside. Once you finally got to the front of the line inside, you were allowed to go inside the Vancouver Convention Centre where there was an equally long line. Needless to say, I was in line waiting about an two to two  and a half hours..... Thankfully, there was a Starbucks from where I got my beloved Green Tea Latte. 

I got a total of 6 items coming out to $156. I think I did pretty well!!! Out of curiosity, I did ask the cashier how much girls were spending.... she told me the average person here was buying $500 to $700 today! MYGOSH! What are these girls buying?!?!?!

I literally took this pictures just now so please keep in mind I have been up since 6:30am and I am a super exhausted so I know I looked tired! But it is more so you can see what the clothes look like! 

I will begin with what I paid least for to what I paid the most for! 

I seem to be stretching the poor shirt out in this picture.... But its a super nice white T!

1 | A super cute white T-Shirt with the peace hand symbol on it. Regular $35. Paid $9.99

2 | Denim TNA Top with buttons 3/4 of the way down the front. Regular $75. Paid $10.00 

I am wearing the Blue V-Neck under my new Merino Wool Cardigan --> Number 6 on the list!

3 | a classic V-Neck, but made with really nice stretch cotton in Royal Blue. Regular $40. Paid $19.99 
I think I am pretty cool!
4 | A edgy black t-shirt that was mesh as sleeves. Regular $45. Paid $19.99

Okay, kind of a bad picture of the sweater top, put its a long top, long sleeve with the tie detail on the back. 
5 | A sweater top that ties in the pack with silk ribbon. It is missing the regular price on it and I cannot seem to find it on Aritzia's website. However, I did it see it in stores. My guess would be that it is somewhere between $75 to $105. I paid $29.99 !!!

6 | A butter soft merino wool sweater by Wilfred! It is in the Milk which is just beautiful. Regular $165. I paid.... $49.99!!!!!!!!! By far my best savings and a piece I am going to wear all Winter!

There is going to be a quick follow up post to this one in a couple of hours all about my Tips and Ways to get a better deal! I actually paid less for two items on this list from what their sale was written on the tag for. Can you dolls guess which two items they are? 

Let me know in the comments below what amazing deals you got at the Aritzia Warehouse sale and if you think I did super duper well! 


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