Thursday 3 September 2015

Savvy Student | Tips & Ways to Save Even MORE at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale

2 1/2 hours of waiting, 3 hours of shopping later, I emerged victorious with two bags of goodies! 
Hello Dolls!

Gosh, today has been an absolutely crazy day. Also I feel as though I have been blogging non-stop a bit. 

I attended the 2015 Aritzia Warehouse Sale this morning, September 3, 2015, and it was madness! I wanted close to 2 and a 1/2 hours in line to get in. Did I mention that the first half of the line is outside along the seawall and today is a cold day and even colder when you have the breeze blowing in from the water! 

In the post prior to this one, I teased you all about how I actually paid less for two items then their marked sale price. This is how and why!

BTW I had the most fabulous cashiers help me so they are the reason I got such a great bargain! Shout out to @zentaxx !! Cannot believe you found me on instagram without even knowing my name!!! 

1 | The Denim Top! The marked sale price was $24.99 from $75; however, I actually paid $10.00. Pretty crazy deal eh! It had a few tears on the back of the shoulders, probably during unpacking. I quickly checked on my phone if this shirt was meant to have tears, but the pictures did not show any. Since it is a denim top and a lot of denim tends to have the ripped style these days, it did not bother me much. Especially since in the winter I would be wearing a sweater over top so no one would even see rips.  

At the register, I simply showed the sales associates that the shirt had tears, but told them I am willing to pay $5 - always give a low offer first if you are trying to barter! - she countered with $10 so I said SOLD! Hehe

Its a really nice Denim Top from Aritzia and their quality is always fabulous. I do not mind if this top does not lasts me a year because I paid only $10 for it! 

2 | The gorgeous Milky White 100% Marino Wool Wilfred Cardigan Sweater. This sweater only had its regular price on it and not its "Sale" price. At the cash register I asked the Sales Associates what the price would be. She said all the Wilfred Sweaters are marked down to $59 dollars, but she would give it to me for $49! 

I do not know how or why she offered me $10 dollars off and if she even has the authority. All I know is that I got another $10 dollars off so I was happy and it seemed like a win win situation since they got to make a sale. 

Those are two scenarios in which I was able to save a total of $35 dollars MORE! So do not be shy to barter a bit because the hustle is generally worth it. This sale is so chaotic that I feel the associates are just tired and overwhelmed and Aritzia might just want to get rid of all their past season stock. 

Some TIPS I have in making your life easier at this sale as well as not so overwhelming are:

{1} Wear easy slip on shoes, tights/leggings and a tight tank. 

The changing room is just a space covered off and it is just communal. Girls just throw clothes on and off. I did not even go in the changing rooms this year because it is just a claustrophobic chaos zone. I just tried on clothes overtop my tights and tank. It worked out perfectly and I did not need to be standing amongst racks in my bra and panties. Unfortunately, the majority of the girls did not come with a plan and were just changing everywhere. The perimeter and the middle of the warehouse was turned into a changing zone for all the girls haha. I think I saw more boobies and butts then ever in my entire life. 
So if you do not want to be awkwardly trying on clothes in a crazy overwhelming warehouse where everyone can see you, wear something that allows you to try clothes overtop. 

{2} Bring a Re-Useable Grocery Bag

I did not do this; however, I have learnt from my mistakes and am now sharing it with you! 

Because there are a million clothes there and you kind of just want to go through all of the racks and just gather all the clothing you like prior to trying them on, you end up with a huge heavy bundle of clothes in your arms. It is NOT fun! You are in this hot overwhelming environment where clothes and hangers are just piled all over the floor amongst the racks and they have music just booming through the speakers. How are you suppose to find all the awesome deals when you have your arms full with clothes? 

I saw some pretty great McGyvering on some girls' parts. They decided to take the cardboard boxes which staff were unpacking clothes from and dragged the box behind them as they shopped. Some girls created a "chain/rope" by linking together hangers and hooking it to the cardboard box making it easier for them to drag it along. Other girls just simply awkwardly carried heavy boxes between the aisles. 

I luckily found a big bag and just stuffed all my clothes in their and carried it with me as perused the racks on racks. But I got LUCKY! You are going to be so happy that you brought a big bag along with you to use as while you shop! Your Welcome Hehe

{3} Bring a FRIEND! I waited for 2 and a 1/2 hours in line. That is a LONG wait. Having a friend to chat with makes the time go by so much faster. Plus, its always great to have a second opinion when you are trying to decide what to buy. 

{4} Check the WEATHER NETWORK! I had to wait more then an hour outside in the freezing cold this morning. I came prepared with a  raincoat and warm clothes as the weather network showed. Thankfully it did not rain when I was waiting; however, when I left the sale, it was torrential downpour. Imagine being stick in that for an hour! 

Let me know if you have any Tips or Tricks on making the most out of the Aritzia Warehouse Sale! 

As well PLEASE be nice to all of the staff at the warehouse sale. Just imagine how overwhelming and tiring it is for them to be literally bending down and picking up clothes from the floor and rehanging them over and over and over again - I know everyone of you who attends did contribute to the massive floor piles! So show them some love and they might just give you a better deal :) 


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