Sunday 6 September 2015

Edible Obsessions | Melu Juice Mango Chia Pudding

Hey Dolls!

So as we all know, Summer is soon about to end which means all of the fresh fruit and tropical fruits are hard to find now :( My all time favourite fruit is the Mango. I can probably eat 10 Mangos in a single sitting if I wanted!!! Unfortunately, they are practically impossible to get your hands on now in Vancouver. Thankfully, Melu Juice had one last Mango Chia Pudding that they kindly reserved for me! 

I might be a little biased considering I have been having a Mango withdrawal, but I Melu Juice's Chia Pudding is genuinely phenomenal! I am always excited when I can find healthy treats that TASTE GOOD! So yes, now that I have discovered this, I most definitely will be having lots more in the future. 

Until we meet again next summer, a fond farewell to my beloved Mangos!!!! 


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