Friday 18 September 2015

Latte Moment | Exploring Beautiful Deep Cove

Unfortunately I do not have a great lens for my Nikon DSLR,
 so it did not capture the beauty that Deep Cove has to offer :( 
Hey Dolls

Yesterday, I went on an adventure in North Vancouver! I literally just set out on this adventure after my Nutrition lecture ended at UBC. I have only gone to North Vancouver once on my own probably about 5 years ago and it was to do the Grouse Grind with a friend. Needless to say, I did not know where I would be heading or how I would be getting there. Did I mention that I also do not have a car and that this adventure was completed via public transit!!!! North Vancouver does not have the best transit service. For example, the bus I took from the bus loop to Deep Cove only ran till 4:30 pm, it was also a long 30 min bus ride so it would be a long trek back to the bus loop! Thankfully, I was not alone in this adventure, my friend accompanied me who was also equally as clueless as me!

Our adventure started with taking the ferry bus across water way from Downtown Vancouver. It docked at the Query Market which was nothing too exciting to check out. After wandering the market for a mere 10 mins, it was time to find something more cool! I have been following a couple of shops on Instagram and they were based in the Deep Cove region of North Vancouver. That is what got me heading in that direction. Two bus rides and 50 mins later, we finally made it to Deep Cove! It is absolutely breathtaking. How have I never visited Deep Cove before? It is literally one small straight (two blocks) road that leads you to the most spectacular view ever. You have to go there to see it for yourself. The way the fog covered the tops of the forest covered mountains and how the water meets the mountains. I honestly was so upset that I had only ONE HOUR to explore, check out the shops and take in the beauty Deep Cove had to offer.

A'hoy Goods | Do you see all of the amazing Herschel swag! 
A'hoy Goods carries some of my favourite brands like Herschel. I kind of had a hard time not walking away with a new Herschel laptop sleeve or I definitely needed the Herschel duffel bag! As well as Nike, so many Nike sweats! And BIRKENSTOCKS! Definitely a store that is hipster at heart hehe 

Also, I am a sucker for Nautical inspired or related goodies. They have clutches made from the sails of boats - love that they are re-using, sustainability is so important! Plus so many Anchor decorations! I was a happy girl! 

A'hoy Goods | Yup, they had amazing vintage buoys outside their shop! 

A'Hoy goods really embodied the atmosphere at Deep Cove. It is an area that gives you a true appreciation for the outdoors. You must visit A'hoy Goods when you check out Deep Cove!  
Room 6 | Of course they had a cute cruiser bike outside their shop!
The adorable little Room 6 is an absolute treasure. Firstly, you sort of just gravitate towards their amazing stationairy wall – they had it all! Knot & Bow, Rifle Paper Co, The Confetti Bar plus stacks and stacks of Washi tape! Did I also mention the bin filled with rolls of Crepe Paper?!?! They also carry jewelry by local Vancouver-Based companies such as Foe/Dear (yup, I am obsessed with their 925 sterling silver stacking rings!). A few more nicknacks, some baby goodies and women’s clothes plus a crawling vine down the wall, this is a shop that you must visit! In my haste to see and do everything, I did not have time to pick up some cute washi tape and other goodies {so upset right now}

Room 6 | So much crepe paper! 
Room 6 | Look at all the roll of Washi Tape plus such adorable Knot&Bow sets!
I have been on Rowing teams for years and years. I have been the coxswain of the Men's Varsity Rowing team at UBC for 3 years! Needless to say, rowing was a huge part of my life! Naturally, I had to visit the Deep Cove Rowing Club! They were closed, but I got to take a peak inside the boathouse at the shells. Plus, I checked out the kayaking and paddling club right below it! I wish I had brought along some more kayaking appropriate clothes as it was a beautiful brisk day which really made me want to be out on the water to appreciate nature! 

Am I the only one who likes it when it is slightly cool outdoors so when you you take a deep breath, you can feel the cool fresh air full up your lungs? Just feel so refreshing! 

Visiting the Deep Cove Rowing Boat House! 
Oh how i wish I was out on the water Kayaking with the others!!! So beautiful out! 

Alright, I am almost done here! I know this is a bit of a crazy long post that has a lot of things going on. Sunny Side is a little shop known for its amazing teas. As well, they feature all local made goods! I am always a huge supporter of Local, so I was excited to visit this shop! Unfortunately, I could only spend five minutes in there as time was ticking away and it was not an option to miss the last bus out of Deep Cove. 

Sunny Side | All of these ceramics are made local by artisans! Loved the hanging planters! 

Sunny Side | The Yummy smelling loose tea at Sunny Side! 
The last and final shop I got to check out before making a mad dash for the bus was Honey Doughnuts & Goodies  .The cafe is a cozy place where you can enjoy soups and sandwiches and of course, their famous Honey Doughnuts! Unfortunately for me, they were sold out of their Honey Glazed donuts, but did have Maple Glazed. The dough is exactly identical, it is just glazed with maple versus honey. I am not exaggerating when I say their donuts are as thick as a big burger! They are much more cakier in texture and flavour then other donuts I have had before. I enjoyed it, but I hope I can try their famous Honey Glazed Donuts on my next visit to Deep Cove! 

Honey Doughnuts & Goodies | Maple Glazed Doughnut! 

This was my crazy adventure I decided to undertake on a whim after class yesterday! I do suggest you go earlier in the day as shops tend to close very early, in fact, Honey Doughnuts & Goodies was almost 2 hours prior to their posted closing time. As well, a lot of the shops along that small stretch are closed and will not open till next summer. I found it very odd, but I guess that is Deep Cove! 

Let me know what you thought about my adventure to Deep Cove and if you have visited it before! 


All pictures were taken by me. I apologize that they are not of the greatest quality. The foggy grey haze was completely throwing off the i also decided to wear blindingly white jeans which further skewed the colour! Plus I had only 1 hour!!!! 

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