Saturday 5 September 2015

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Hello Dolls!

I am so happy my stickers from Planner Junkie Inc have finally arrived! It feels like I have been waiting forever, but the stickers came within 3 weeks. Still wish Etsy planner sticker sellers did not have such a long turn around time. My clothing orders arrive in 3 days via regular mail! 

All of these stickers were purchased with my own money and were not given to me by Planner Junkie nor am I being sponsored by her. These are my real opinions! 

These have to be far my most favourite stickers I have received! The print quality is phenomenal and the colours are so beautiful, vibrant and pigmented! You definitely get great sticker quality from Planner Junkie Inc. 

I ordered five sheets of stickers in total. I am happy with all of them! I do not think I will really use the half boxes in the "mermaid" colour scheme. But they are cool! Planner Junkie did a really great job at creating a glitter appearance! I cannot decide between the camera or ice cream stickers on which ones are my favourite. These designs are really detailed and I love that so much attention went into creating each unique design. 

Cannot wait to use these gorgeous stickers! I know the ice cream ones are definitely go quick! The little three scoop sundae cup is so cute! it has three different flavours of ice cream with a cherry and two wafer straws! Again, so much fabulous detail in each design! The cup even has little stars!!! I think I will be using the sundae cups to mark off Beta 5 Ice Cream socials! 

Be sure to check out Planner Junkie Inc and let me know which one of her designs are your favourite! 


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