Thursday 6 December 2018

Gift Guide for HER

It is the holidays which means there is a whole lot of shopping ahead for all of your loved ones, special someones and mandatory workplace gift exchanges. I love giving gifts. I actually spend a long time picking out the perfect present tailored to the individual, but what I really look forward to is actually seeing their reaction after tearing off the wrappings. Oh and did I mention I am a huge wrapping paper fanatic and probably take just as much time wrapping the gift as I did purchasing it. 

For 2018 I wanted to really focus on giving meaningful gifts. Items that the individual will use or cherish. I always try to avoid novelty gifts as they inevitably wind up in the trash can. 

I often like to pick up items that I know my friends would never get for themselves as it would be a big splurge, but secretly they want it super badly. I would say Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are just that! These lipsticks are phenomenal. They are comfortable to wear all day long and the colour pigmentation is superb. But these copper-toned tubes are a hefty $55 a piece, so why not splurge for them! 

I know a calendar is a weird present, but this is great for those who are big stationary lovers and enjoy journaling. I have used two Rifle Paper Co calendars and I am definitely going to be picking up this one for 2019. You can pair it with nice pens like the fine felted Le Pens and include some nice stickers. Another weird present are boardgames and you are probably wondering why would you get an adult Monopoly or Life or Uno? It is nostalgic is why! Not to mention do you not miss sitting around the coffee table and spending the evening laughing with your friends and family as you play a boardgames. 

The hanging sloth planter is equal parts adorable and functional. This is the present for the plant lady in your life. Be sure to give the sloth a succulent buddy. The Llama also fits into the functional and cute category as this cuddly plush houses a heat/cold pack. It is a great snuggle buddy and can be soothing for those extra brutal cramps or the hot summers. 

Everyone needs a blanket cape in their lives. Last winter I was gifted the owl-themed blanket cape and it ranks pretty darn high on the greatest gifts I have ever received. This year they have a beaver that gives me serious Canadian vibes. The cape is a blanket with a hood and features a couple of buttons on the front which ensures the blanket does not fall off. 

Gucci is my BAE and will always remain my favourite luxury brand. When in doubt, gift Gucci because everyone deserves a little bit of gucci in their lives. 

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