Monday 3 December 2018

Testing Oh Sweet Day!: A Celebration Cookbook

I never imagined making so many lovely new friends because of my blog. I am so glad that I started blogging because if it were not for Pink Tea Latte, I would have never met Fanny Lam. I first came across Fanny's baking company, Oh Sweet Day, on Instagram. I would not meet Fanny in person until a year later. This fall, I finally met the lovely Fanny at the New Westminster Farmer's Market. The effervescent mother of two took that as her opportunity to invite me to the launch of her very first cookbook! 

I am a huge believer of mystical energies and joojoo powers, so it had to be no coincidence that our in person meeting coincided with her book launch. I am so glad Fanny traded in her high-stress marketing job for oven mitts and cookies because she is a truly talented women. 

Fun Fact: Fanny was actually approached by the publishers and was pitched the cookbook to HER! 

The cookbook has several sections like cakes, cookies and tarts. I decided to give the molten chocolate lava cake a try as the recipe is fairly simple and I am always looking for a great chocolate cake recipe. The only thing I had to go out and purchase were the ramekins. If I am totally real, any excuse to go to Crate & Barrel, I am all in! 

What really drew me to the chocolate lava cake recipe was the little tip Fanny had included. The batter can be made a day or two in advance until you are ready to bake and eat them! Fanny has included lovely tidbits and advice with most of her recipes in the book. 

As I had mentioned earlier, the recipe is very easy, but I still managed to completely screw it up! So the recipe called for 2/3 cups of white granulated sugar. Well using the 1/3 measuring cup, I added in 3 of them in .... so I put a total of 1 cup of white granulated sugar, not 2/3 cups like the recipe called for. Now my mixing bowl had a bunch of eggs and a cup of sugar. To remedy the situation, I dumped half the mixture out and added in a couple more eggs and hoped for the best. Thankfully this recipe is super forgiving because the cakes still turned out fabulous. 

Also another pro tip from Fanny, you can purchase bars of dark chocolate from Ikea for 99 cents! 

The recipe yielded 6 lava cakes. As per the recommendation in the cookbook, you can refrigerate the batter and bake it at a later date. To test it out, I baked two cakes on the day of, two the next and the remaining two on the following day. All 6 cakes baked perfectly and had a rich chocolatey molten centre. This recipe is also great for when you just want to treat yourself to something sweet. 

If you are wanting to make these lava cakes, guess you will need to go out and get your hands on Oh Sweet Day's cookbook! 

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Molten Chocolate Lava Cake that I made from Oh Sweet Day's Cookbook

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake that I made from Oh Sweet Day's Cookbook. I dressed it up with macerated strawberries

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