Sunday 9 December 2018

Gift Guide for HIM

Men are some of the easiest; yet simultaneously difficult to shop for. Clothing is always a safe bet. My go to are cozy sweaters like Roots' Cabin Shawl Pullover, button up shirts, polos and the occasional leather belt. It may not be the most exciting gift, but like I said, you can never go wrong with clothing for guys. 

I know all the boys are going to be excited to see the Razer Keyboard on the gift guide. Gaming keyboards are definitely a male-centric gift, so I can guarantee you that they will love it. I too have fallen in love with Razer's keyboards as the mechanical keys make the most satisfying clicking sounds. Definitely a must for all the ASMR lovers. 

For some odd reason, my male friends often ask me for hand cream which they then proceed to smearing over their faces. Men may not want to admit it, but they too appreciate a good facial and hand cream. Male grooming products are still pretty underrated and mostly focused upon beard care and hair styling products. There are some really great unscented facial moisturizers that I am sure every man would secretly enjoy receiving. I love Kiehl's as it is moderately priced and is packaged in an unsuspecting white tub with plain text. I know Kiehl's has specific "male" focused products, but I really do not think there is much of a difference between this moisturizer and the creams in "male packaging." Do not forget the hand creams as men too hate having dry hands in the winter! I am currently lusting over this indie brand, Barr Co. The Sugar and Cream scented hand cream has a subtle sweetness to it. 

Every man should own a high-quality leather laptop case. I am talking about the zippered bags that have top handles and a shoulder strap. They are big enough to fit a laptop and work documents; yet are still compact that pair well with both business and casual outfits. Coach has stunning leather goods which includes an extensive men's collection. The Metropolitan Double Zipper Business Case from Coach is a splurge, but its craftsmanship and buttery soft leather speaks for itself. 

As an owner of two blunnies myself, I have only positive things to say about them. For over five years, Blundstones have kept my toes cozy warm and dry through Vancouver's rainy cold Fall/Winter and Spring! So if they do not own a pair, this is the perfect opportunity to give them the most amazing pair of boots ever. 

Guys tend to not buy theirselves accessories, so a nice pair of gloves, or scarf or toque for the winter or a tie, socks or belts for the summer. Lots of great options! Of course it definitely comes down to the individual and what they could do with. If it is not apparent already, I have always loved Roots' cabin collection. The gloves from the cabin collection are cozy warm and are going to serve them well for many winters. 
I am curious to hear what ideas you have for men in terms of presents. What are you thinking of gifting? Let me know in the comments below!

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