Saturday 1 December 2018

Get Excited for Blogmas!

Vlogmas is a Youtube favourite and is often done by beauty gurus and vloggers. I myself have watched countless vlogmas videos and look forward to them every year.  If you are at a complete loss at what I am referring to, Vlogmas typically entails posting new content every single day leading up to Christmas. Since I am not a Youtube vlogger, I thought I would go the written route and do "blogmas." After a quick Google search I soon discovered I was not the mad genius that I thought I was because numerous bloggers have already done it!

So I am currently sitting in bed typing this blogpost and truth be told, it is only just starting to dawn upon me the massive undertaking that I am committing myself to. Not to mention that I do not celebrate Christmas, so I am going to continue posting all the way up to New Years; therefore, I will need to publish 31 uniquely weird blogposts! 

Did I mention that I have absolutely ZERO blogposts written. Also every single blogpost is often accompanied by pictures and in some cases even some creative graphics and typography to really give it the extra oomph. I am sure my fellow bloggers can attest to the massive amount of work that goes into a single blogpost so 31 posts is going to be no easy feat. 

Throughout the 31 posts I am going to be sharing some of my local adventures, delicious food and product reviews as well as the stuff I am up to on the daily. I will be covering Oh Happy Day's fabulous new cookbook, my current skincare routine, mornings at Capilano Suspension Bridge as well as my love for vintage furniture. 

I am a little nervous undertaking this challenge because 31 posts consecutively for the entire month is insanity. If you want me to blog about something in particular over the duration of Blogmas, leave it in the comments below. Words of encouragement are also appreciated!

Post 1 of 31 complete!


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