Tuesday 4 December 2018

Shattered Beauty: I get artsy with my photography

A month ago I received a gorgeous bouquet from Amy, the owner of Garden Party Flowers, for my 25th birthday! White ivory avalanche roses and deep mauve roses were framed by various greenery like dollar eucalyptus and sedum, but the real piece de resistance of this arrangement was the massive dinner plate sized cafe au lait dahlia! 

However to my complete and utter dismay, I managed to knock over the entire bouquet and with it shattering my favourite tall hobnob clear glass vase. This happened within the first 30 minutes that I brought the flowers home. I usually am not the most clumsy person, but this fall, I have managed to knock over, bang into and break a lot of things. 

For the first fifteen minutes I sat on the floor staring at all the broken glass and crushed flowers. Most of the roses survived; however, the massive cafe au lait dahlia did not fair too well. The arrangement had toppled over dahlia first. So the glorious $10 per stem cafe au lait dahlia was absolutely destroyed!

I did not want to let the flowers go to waste, so I decided to get artsy fartsy with my camera. I think they turned out really well! In the words of the legendary Rob Ross: Happy Accidents! 

Now I just need to replace my hobnob vase. I had originally purchased it and two shorter ones from another Main Street floral boutique, Flower Factory, but they have since stopped stocking hobnob glass vases. If you have seen these vases in Vancouver, could you please let me know in the comments below as I am bummed that it broke. 

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