Friday 2 October 2015

7 Lattes + Wishes | October Wishlist 2015!!!

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Hey Dolls!

October is my Birthday Month - I turn 22 on October 25th  EEEEEKKK - so I am allowed to be a little crazy for this month's wishlist since it also ends up being my birthday wishlist! Plus, I am allowed to be a bit more eccentric this month! 

If you have been following me along on instagram {@pinktealatte} you already know that I picked myself up the Lemon Drop hair brush from the Dry Bar in the new Nordstrom that opened up in Vancouver! I am completely obsessed with it since it makes my hair unimaginably smooth and shiny {blog post on it will be coming soon with pictures of how shiny it makes my hair}; therefore, I must get Dry Bar's Buttercup Blow Dryer! It is a bit of a splurge item since it is a steep price tag for a blow dryer, but It is such a cute yellow with an equitably adorable name and if it makes my hair shiny and smooth = definitely worth every penny! While I am at it, I might as well pick up the Dry Bar Double Pint Round Ceramic Brush. 

This season, I have been seeing so many girls rocking a leather jacket and it is might as well time I got in on the action! I have always wanted a nice leather jacket made from buttery soft lamb skin with a diagonal "ninja" zipper because it is so chic! Mackage is my pick for a leather jacket, Daddy, if you are reading this, I need it in an XS please! 

This one might be a weird one for some, but I am a huge vest lover. The North Face or Arcteryx Goose Feathered Down "athletic" company vests. My pick is a snow white vest from Canada Goose! They are just so darn comfy and are far less bulky than carrying around a jacket. I find them perfect for days that are cold, but not cold enough for a parka. A vest keeps my chest warm - very important so you do not catch a cold - and my arms open to regulate temperature if it gets a little less chilly. Plus, I hate having to lug around a giant parka just because the temperature went up 2 degrees, making me a little too warm in my parka. 

The Nocturnal Workshop Backpack was on a  past wishlist of mine and it still remains a huge WANT for me. Adding it back onto this months wishlist as the semester is in full swing and the sun is setting sooner. A fully reflective backpack is a priceless investment I can make in making myself more visible to drivers when I am walking home in the dark from the bus stop. You can never put a price on something that is for your safety, plus Nocturnal Workshop knew chic mattered so they made all their backpacks stylish to rock! 

I really want to get a felt floppy hat to add to my Fall Wardrobe. I think its a fun accessory to wear on a semi-chilly day. Plus, I think it would make me feel so dramatic and chic. As well, I NEED to get myself a blanket scarf already! They are ingenious since if I am cold in lecture, I could just drape it over me as a blanket! No duh Gurleen, hence the "blanket" scarf haha. 

Lastly, I need more decor for my room as it is academia overrun with textbooks and notes and nothing cute :( . I find Bando's gem speaker to be so cute and an unexpected pop of colour for my room! Plus, it is functional and I can blast some music when I am in the mood for a solo dance party in my room! Sometimes I am just feeling my jam and need to rock out to it! Its a great stress reliever and there is nothing wrong with being silly!

Really excited for October to unfold because there is a big chance I might be getting a couple of the items on my wishlist for my birthday! Well hopefully! Regardless, I am going to treat myself to one splurge.

Let me know what is on your wish-list plus if you too are an October Baby!


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