Friday 23 October 2015

7 Lattes + Wishes | Setting up an Amazing Birthday Table

Just a sneak peak of my birthday set up for October 25th, 2015! 
Hey Dolls!

If you browse instagram or pinterest, you have probably seen those gorgeously amazing birthday setups. I sure have been envious of them in the past, but no longer since it is not difficult to make your own birthday display. 

There are 3 elements:
1. Table
2. Cake
3. Decorations


It is important to get a table that is striking and charming for your display. Using a regular fold up table will take away from your beautiful decor. I suggest going to your local antique or vintage stores to find a unique old desk or console table. For my setup, I picked up a gorgeous refurbished, painted white vanity from L'Atelier home. When I walked by it in the store, I knew it was the one! Needless to say, I snatched it up instantly! 


A birthday is not a birthday unless there is a birthday cake! Since I am a huge sweets girl myself, the cake has been my priority! I think I have put in more planning for my cake versus the rest of birthday. 

This is definitely a more personal choice. I prefer one tier multi layered naked iced cakes with minimal decorations. Others may prefer a tiered square cake. However, every cake needs to be displayed on cake stand! My pick is the milk glass cake stand from The Cross Design. I am in love with this cake stand and want to get it in every colour and size. For my set up, I have chosen the jade colour in a 10inch. As well I got the cutest "birthday girl" birch wood cake topper from Paper Felt. This cake topper is actually made in Canada! 

TIP: always get a cake stand that 2 inches larger then your cake. My cake is going to be 8 so that is why I got a 10inch cake stand. It accounts for one inch for icing and another inch for good spacing on the stand. 


To really bring a setup together, decorations will be your best friend! I sort of think of decorations in two subgroups: background decor and regular decor. For the background, it is what will be behind your set up. Think of it as almost a the background set you see when you go to musicals and plays. It needs to embody your theme in a way! There are many fun ways to go about it such as ceiling to floor streamers, lots of balloons, but I have chosen globe string lights from Urban Outfitters. The lights are unique and I plan on hanging them from the tree. You will see what I am talking about when I post pictures of it! 

For general decor, there are endless choices. You can use cute mason jars for your drinks or elements that you think really bring your theme together. I am having a whimsical fun birthday so I am going to have lots of birthday crowns and confetti. 

What are the elements for your perfect birthday display?


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