Sunday 18 October 2015

Gurly's Life | Pumpkin Patch Fun at Richmond Country Farms

Hey Dolls!

Fall is not fall unless you visit the pumpkin patch! My friends and I went on over to Richmond Country Farms to their annual pumpkin patch! This has to be my favourite farm to visit since I have been going there since I was a little girl. Plus, they have so many cute adorable farm animals - ah I want a baby goat! 

If you have not checked out my Pumpkin Patch Chic Outfit, go on and check it out because that is what I wore. The key thing is to wear rubber rain boots! Vancouver is a rainy city and when you are going to a farm, things can get mucky! If you do not want to ruin your shoes, wear rain boots so you can wash the mud off easily. 

It was really fun since they had a little stage with a giant dancing corn on the cob and pumpkin of course. It is really great for the children! Plus a little train that went around the property. My favourite part was the food, they had poutine, mini donuts and fish + chips! Like yummy! It was like a carnival! 

We got really lucky that the day turned out to be so sunny and beautiful. I do not think I would have had as much fun if it were raining. To get to the pumpkin patch, we board a trolley that is pulled by a tractor! So amazing! Love John Deer! hehe
Pumpkin Orange Elephants roam the fields of Haunted Houses! Best Trolley Ride Siting Ever! 
Once we got to the pumpkin patch, it was pumpkins for miles! Gosh they had three fields full of pumpkins. For the first little while, my friends and I pretty much ran around the fields till we spotted the corn maze. Now that was a lot fun to run around in. We did however cheat and decided to create our own exit out of the maze, but the point is, we had lots of fun!
Pumpkin Fields for miles!
I ended up being really ambitious.... I got 8 pumpkins! Yes you read that correctly EIGHT PUMPKINS! Good thing I had a friend to help me carry them all back to the trolley and then back to the car. But they did not tell me how many pumpkins I was allowed to take and there were just so many cute pretty pumpkins. You will see them all in my birthday shoot coming up next weekend! 

Let me know if you love going to the pumpkin patch and which one you like going to!


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