Friday 9 October 2015

Desk Goodies | Maurelle Calligraphy + London Fields Shoppe

Good Morning Dolls! I feel like I am just drowning under a giant mountain of work; however, I will persevere and succeed! So with me being just overwhelmingly busy, I am a little behind in posts, as in, I should have posted this probably three weeks ago! OOPS! None the less, it is here now for all of you to enjoy and read!

Around mid-September (too lazy to pull out my agenda and check the exact date), on a Saturday morning, I headed down to London Fields Shoppe in Gastown to attend Maurelle Calligraphy's modern calligraphy class! 

Modern Calligraphy differs from traditional calligraphy as that it has far less rules. It works on the basis of traditional calligraphy, such as down strokes should be bolder compared to up strokes, but aside from that, it allows your personality shine through! Unlike traditional calligraphy which expects you to write horizontally in a straight line, modern calligraphy allows you to make your writing more free form. I love varying the heights where each letter begins! Gives it so much more personality and fun! 

Maurelle is such a sweetheart and makes learning modern calligraphy fun. I appreciated how she continuously walked around to every participant after she explained a new letter. It really made the class of 12 feel more of a private one-on-one class. This individual attention was great since she could show us on our papers how to improve our letters and show us how the pen should be held. Her focus was on making everyone feel comfortable as well as boosting everyones confidence! 

If you have browsed through my blogposts, it is apparent that I am a hungry student who loves to eat. Probably partway through Maurelle's class, I was starving! Me being me, I announced it out loud! haha, thankfully Maurelle being such a caring sweetheart immediately went to the back to inquire when the food would be set out. Thank You for looking out for my belly Maurelle! 

I just you check out Maurelle's workshop page if you are interested in taking a modern calligraphy class from her. This was a BEGINNERS Modern Calligraphy class, so no experience is necessary! I know her next one is on Hallowe'en, October 31st!

During our food break, YAY, we had a chance to finally explore London Fields Shoppe's inventory. So many cute goodies that it was next to impossible not to get anything. I did end up picking up some more LePens as well as some super cool gold wired binder clips. 

As well, London Fields Shoppe holds other fabulous workshops like PiƱata Making Class and Word Press Classes! So be sure to visit their workshop page as well because who knew you needed the Food Styling class to make your pictures that much more scrumptious looking! 

Hope to visit London Field Shoppe soon again as I know I am going to need some more desk goodies from their fabulous array! As well, I am looking forward to doing a little one-on-one with Maurelle in the coming months (when my crazy life allows it) so there is still more to come on that! 

Also, I have gotten sick, boo for the common cold, but I am going to hopefully bounce back soon because I have just soo much to share with you this October! 

Love you all!



  1. Loved this post! I don't have any experience with calligraphy but thanks to you I might have to take one of Maurelle's classes. Were you a beginner too when you took the class? Btw the binder clips you got are adorable! I'll have to stop by and check out Onion Fields :)

    1. Hey Kim! Thank you so much for your comment, you are actually my first reader to comment so I am just ecstatic and bouncing with joy! I have played around with calligraphy in the past and attended Written Word Calligraphy's workshop this past summer. That was the first time I had held a calligraphy pen. However, since I was so busy, I never really practice so I would say I was definitely a beginner coming into Maurelle's class. Haha she had to correct me how I even held the pen! The binder clips I know! SO DARN CUTE!!!! I am in love with them! I am assuming you saw them on my Instagram feed hehehe! Thank you again for your comment and supporting me! Let me know if there are any particular posts you like and would like me to do more :)