Saturday 17 October 2015

Chic Life | Pumpkin Patch Style

Hey Dolls!

Today I had such a fabulous day at Richmond Country Farm's Pumpkin Patch! Gosh, I was so excited to go that I woke up at 8am (my friends and I were meeting half past noon) and practically just got ready and watched the minutes ticked by until it was acceptable for me to leave! Haha from all my excitement and running around the pumpkin patch with my friends, I am practically running on fumes at this point. 

I thought I would do fun post on what I wore to the pumpkin patch! Funny enough, many of my friends and I dressed quite similar. So you can say, this is THE look for the pumpkin patch! 

First things first - RAIN BOOTS! It is super muddy at pumpkin patches because it is farm land, not paved concrete. Furthermore, Vancouver is pretty rainy causing the soil to become sticky mud. Keep those feet dry in rain boots which are also easy to wash the mud off from! I took it a step further and wore my Burberry rain boots - I thought I looked pretty cool! hehe

I find rain boots always make my toes really cold because it is plastic which do not insulate your feet at all. So you must have some cozy knit socks to wear. I am obsessed with the knitted cabin socks from Roots Canada. Oh gosh, I must have almost 5 identical pairs, but they are life savers in the winter! 

Since I knew I would be running around the pumpkin patch outdoors, I wanted to dress warm, but also wear layers that I can take off as the warmed up. As a base, a basic white v-neck. Nothing beats a good v-neck! Topped off with my favourite plaid flannel button up of course! Nothing screams fall better then plaid! I like to button mine up and then unbutton it as I get warmer. 

My plaid button up was already pretty dark; therefore, I wanted to wear lighter toned bottoms. I chose skinny light washed denims. Skinnys are always easiest to tuck into boots! Plus they hug my curves so well! 

Let me know what you like wearing to the pumpkin patch! Hope you all get lots of pumpkins! Ill be posting pictures from the pumpkin patch most likely tomorrow as I am just too popped to do so now! 


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