Monday 26 October 2015

Gurly's Life | 22nd Birthday that should have been fun

Hey Dolls!

Gosh I cannot believe it, I am now 22 years old. I wish I could still be a young child who could be carefree and have fun, but unfortunately, I need to start being a mature women! That being said, I will always be a kid at heart since life is too short to take things too seriously! Enjoy your days, live it to the fullest! Do not be concerned of what others think or let them bring you down, have fun - be safe and appropriate to not offend others of course! 

I had a lot of plans for my birthday and had spent many weeks planning it all out; however, sometimes plans just do not go the way you intended them to go. 

I had a great photoshoot planned with my friends. I had gone out and invested in some fabulous props and pieces, picked out my outfit and had a clear vision in my mind! I had three photographers drop out on me :( leaving me without a photographer on the day of my birthday. I am comfortable taking pictures, but it is a bit tough to take pictures of myself and I did not want selfies :P So the morning of my birthday rolled around, no photographer so I had to make a decision and cancel the shoot with my friends. However, I had spent a great deal of money, time and my own sanity planning this so I set it all up and took shots of my setup. The pictures turned out great, but I am bummed I did not get the cute shots with my friends and me :( 

It is not secret that I LOVE cake and I spent weeks planning out my cake with my friend Georgine, the head pastry chef at Liberty Bakery. My cake was a layered chocolate sponge cake with mint infused ganache, fresh raspberry buttercream and decorated with gold leaf! Oh the cake was absolutely perfect when I saw it.... my friend dropped it on the way to the car .... I think I spent the entire day crying because it just made me crack from all the stress I had been under from the last few weeks. Georgine did a great job of patching up the cake, but it was just not the way I imagined things turning out. 

Because I did not get any pictures of myself and friends, I was planning on getting cute pictures with my friends at the dinner with the giant "22" balloons I had gotten from Confetti & Sparkle. But of course, things needed to go sideways, my dad let one of the balloons fly away :( so I was left with only one 2. I was so upset that I ended up just sleeping the afternoon. 

Prior to dinner, I had planned on getting my makeup done so I could at least feel pretty. I wanted to FEEL pretty. When I got there, my makeup artist was fumbling around and kept telling me five more mins, then tried to pass me onto someone else. I ended up just leaving and going to dinner in Keds and no makeup. You do NOT want to feel irrelevant unimportant on your birthday. Especially when you worked so hard to plan fun things, and nothing worked out. I also did not get to have my nails done or my hair. I think anyone at this point would feel pretty bummed and upset. 

I showed up the restaurant and broke into tears since they told me they could not write Happy Birthday on my cake because of this whole whack explanation of cross contamination - which meant I was not allowed to cut and consume my cake on their property either. 

Thankfully, I have the greatest friends anyone could ask for. My gorgeous friend showed up, we get lead up to our table. The amazing waitress and my friend consoled me, got my face cleaned up and it only got better from there :) 

Glowbal did such a fabulous job at making my evening great. They really did make the effort to make up for the fact I was not allowed to eat my cake there and I think because I came in crying, they tried a 110% even harder to make my birthday dinner the best! 

Glowbal gave my party a private room that you would expect in a penthouse suite in Las Vegas. It was gorgeous! We had couches, tables two TVs and fun pictures on the wall. Not to mention we were on the second floor with a great view! BTW - this private room is generally booked by people and is an extra cost, they gave it to me for FREE. The manager at the restaurant that night oversaw everything and got us all fruity delight shots. At the end of the night, they brought my cake out with lots of candles with Happy Birthday on it and then brought me out another dessert so I could eat it there :) The waitress was so sweet and took her time and took lots of pictures of me and my friends so we would have them for memories. She was into photography so loved using my Nikon DSLR. Thank you Glowbal! But it definitely showed on my face that I was tired and none of the pictures turned out cute. I wish I had those fun giant gold 22 balloons for the pictures. 

Even though things did get better because of my friends and the great staff at Glowbal, I am still bummed by all the awful things that led up to it. No one deserves to feel not special or pretty on their birthday. I cannot express how excited I had been for my birthday, but it was a shame that I only feel miserable when I think of my 22nd birthday. Be sure you make any friend of yours feel special and important on their birthday. No body deserves this. I should not have been the one running around trying to make things awesome for my guests. The day should not have have been about others, it should have been about me. This not me being narcissistic self-absorbed, it is the one day I deserved to be treated awesome. 

Let me know in the comments below on your thoughts. 


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