Sunday 4 October 2015

Edible Obsessions | Sunday Brunch at the Flying Pig Gastown

The Flying Pig sign is so darn cute! Love the pig with a balloon tied around his abdomen!
Fly little piggy fly!!!!
Hey Dolls!

Gosh this week has been an absolute nightmare as it has been non-stop busy for me! I am just proud of myself for keeping up with everything, but I have been practically collapsing into bed each night. Hoping things will calm down and go back to normal life pace for me this week! 

Trying to keep a little tradition going with my friends by grabbing some yummy Sunday Brunch with them at different places each weekend. This weeks pick was by my friend he chose The Flying Pig in Gastown. They have a second location in Yaletown, but you would be missing out on the gorgeous view from your table.  

The perfect view for enjoy my fresh seasonal fruit smoothie

You know what they say, you eat with your eyes! So if you have a beautiful view of historic Gastown on a gorgeous sunny day like today, there is no way you will not enjoy your brunch! We were also lucky ducks to be seated on the second floor at the corner table by the window overlooking Abbott st and Cordova! 

I had the seasonal fresh smoothie, an attempt to cancel out the hearty cheesy deliciousness of the Wild Mushroom, Asparagus, Chèvre Frittata I had. I also learned from my lovely server that Chèvre is a goats cheese and it brought a fabulous creamy texture as well as a tangy taste to the frittata! Super yummy! It came with a side salad, unfortunately I did not like the vinaigrette it was tossed in. I always forget to ask for dressing/vinegrette on the side since I tend to not like most house dressings. I need to remember for next time... hopefully! 

My friend had the Chef Croque Madame - sour dough, 3 cheeses, ham + fried egg. Oh it looked like the most heavenly cheesy goodness! It was a thick and scrumptious Croque Madame with the crustiest sour dough bread! 

We had the crispy hash browns to share amongst us. IT HAD A GIANT MOUND OF GRILLED ONIONS ONTOP OF IT! I have never liked grilled onions. In fact, if I ever get grilled onions in my food, I will sit there and pick them out one by one with no intention of eating until it is grilled onion free. I will eat raw onions. In fact I love having sliced red onions in my salads and sandwiches, but if there are cooked - no thank you! Of course we did move them over to his end of the hashbrown so I did try some. Crispy greasy fabulousness like how a good hash brown should be! SANS THE GRILLED ONIONS! 

Do you see the pile of villainous caramelized onions on top of the hash-browns?!?!
Overall, a very delightful experience. It was also because we had the most fabulous server who even gave me some photography tips on my Nikon DSLR! She was so lovely and down to earth. The food was great; however, it could do with more seasoning. Something to give it a little more oomph since it was a little bland leaving us not too wowed. None the less, great food where you can taste the freshness of the ingredients! 

Be sure to get a seat on the second floor balcony so you can spy on everyone who is on the first floor! 

Let me know if you have ever been to the Flying Pig and what you thought about it? As well, where should my next Sunday Brunch destination should be!!! 


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