Sunday 24 January 2016

2016 Hot Chocolate Festival | The Last Crumb Bakery

Hey Dolls!

More hot chocolate from the Hot chocolate Festival 2016! If you have not already, do check out my YP Smartlist on Hot Chocolates in Vancouver for what you can get year round!
Today I gave The Last Crumb Bakery's Bananarama Hot Cocoa a try! A hot coca that is suppose to taste like their delicious banana cream pie! 

We eat with our eyes first and I think it is very true! I am going to be honest with you, I was deeply underwhelmed when the Last Crumb Bakery brought out the Bananarama. The Last Crumb Bakery has delicious pies - banana cream pie like yumm - pastries, matcha lattes and sandwiches which all look beautiful! So I am surprised by how plain and unimaginative the Bananarama was to look at. 

However, they did achieve a very good banana flavour which really complimented the dutch cocoa. I could actually smell the banana and chocolate while I was taking pictures! It was smooth and creamy, but near the end, you do get some grittyness from the settled powdered. 

The mug was a little dirty with drips of chocolate as well they did not even do a rosette at the top or any topping. There was just one small flakey daisy cookie which frankly was not that exciting either. Honestly, this is a hot chocolates I make at home look like.... :( 

I am not saying The Last Crumb Bakery needs to adorn it with ornate chocolate garnishes and serve it on a gold plated platter! haha but I think 49th Parallel's The Bee's Knees is a great example of how a simple presentation done right can look enticing! Simple yet gorgeous! 

I have decided to do a fun little ranking for every hot chocolate I try. I will be assessing:

• Visual Presentation
• Chocolatiness 
• Overall Flavour 
• Treat Accompaniment 

All four categories will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being MEH and 5 being AMAZING!

Do keep in mind these hot chocolates for the festival are a little higher in price point then what you generally would pay. As well, the Bananarama was made with high quality dutch cocoa - cocoa is chocolate powder - I wish they used melted chocolate. 

For chocolatieness I would give the Bananrama a 2. 
Flavour gets a 3.5
Visual appearance unfortunately is a 1
Accompaniment is a 3 - the cookie was not too bad and it was quite flaky. 

Overall, not too bad, but the Bananarama does not reflect the level of quality of their other in house small batch treats. For example the Chicken BLT on their Cheese and Chive Scone was DELICIOUS! It was so buttery and creamy and yummy and I loved how there were big pieces of fresh avocado and lots of spinach. As well, it really does not compliment their chic aesthetic! 

Let me know what you thought of the Bananarama and which other hot chocolates I should try next! 


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