Wednesday 6 January 2016

Chic Finds | Lush Empties + My Thoughts

Hey Dolls!

I have got quite the collection of empty black (or the random clear) tubs from Lush and thought it was time I gave you all my thoughts on what I liked or disliked about them! 

I am not a hoarder of lush containers haha, but I keep them because Lush has a fabulous recycling program! Unlike other stores, the incentive to recycle at Lush is better then a dollar off. Return 6 empty tubs and receive a free Fresh Face Mask! The Fresh Face Masks begin at around $7 CAD here in Vancouver and go up to $12 CAD for the special seasonal masks. In the past, all the fresh face masks were a single price, so I am unsure if the new seasonal masks with the higher price point qualify for the recycling program. When I find out, I will be sure to let you know! Probably on Instagram so you if you do not follow me, then you should hehe to keep up with my random adventures around Vancouver @pinktealatte !!!

I will be posting another product empties + my thoughts in the upcoming weeks. I thought I would split them up since I had so many of just lush empties. 

Lush honestly captures this cream in their description "indulge in our rich banana custard cream".... LIKE YES. It totally like you moisturizing yourself in a banana custard --- BANANA PIE smelling! Leaves my skin amazingly soft and contains very few unpronounceable ingredients. It also soaks into your skin very quickly and does not leave you feeling sticky (you will have to give it a few minutes though) Also unlike all the other body moisturizers I have used in the past, this cream is a thin liquid consistency and not a thick butter. Yes I will repurchase it and I already have hehe

D'Fluff | Shaving Soap

We all need to shave our legs, armpits etc and it sucks. I hate shaving cream because it is some sort of chemical goo that comes out of a can and transforms into a white froth with a lovely chemical smell..... needless to say, I have on many occasions just shaved using water. Thankfully, I stumbled across Lush's D'Fluff shaving soap. At first, it was a little weird since it does not foam up, but once I got use to the different texture, I loved it! It leaves your skin so soft and the razor practically glides over your skin like butter. Repurchase - Yes, but probably in a different scent as I did not enjoy the strawberry scent very much. 

Pot O'Gold | Shower Jellies

I want to say Lush is the only company I know of which makes jello shower gel. It  is a blob of jello that you can either cut into small cubes with a knife, or tear it apart in the shower like I do! The shower jellies are a lot of fun because you can just stand in your steaming hot shower and play with this jello like soap for hours. A fun shower entertainment. I tolerated the herbal scent that this one had, but ADORED the gold glitter colour. Unfortunately, it was limited edition so you cannot pick one up, but they have another gold glitter one at this time. To use, you take a small chunk of the jelly and put it on your loofah and wash cloth. I liked to massage it into my loofah and then it will foam up like a normal shower gel! Lots of fun and I will probably pick up another shower jelly as this left me squeaky clean! These do last a long time, I got my tub back in February 2015. 

Cupcake | Fresh Face Mask 

Cupcake has been my go to face mask for many years. It is really great for acne prone skin and smells like mint chocolate - YUM! I love it, it leaves my skin incredibly smooth and have had no adverse effects. I actually have 3 empty tubs of Cupcake in my picture hehe 

Brazened Honey | Fresh Face Mask

Thought it would be a sweet honey scented mask, but it was more herbal. I clearly did not like it very much as I did not even finish it. I found it a little gritty and did not soothe my skin. Not going to repurchase.  

Cosmetic Warrior | Fresh Face Mask

I HATED THIS MASK! I do not think I have ever hated a product so much in my life as I hate the Cosmetic Warrior mask. IT SMELLED INTENSELY LIKE GARLIC TO ME and I practically would gag when putting it on my face. Also, it was weird and goopy slimy in texture when you wash it off. I swear it even clogged my bathroom sink drain. Plus.... my face smelt like GARLIC. This is my experience, I know many who love this particular fresh face mask from Lush. I will NEVER be repurchasing this mask as it was not worth the torture of intense garlic smeared across my face gaahhhh barf. 


That is all of my Lush empties! Hope you found it helpful and I would love to hear what you think of the products I tried and if you have any suggestions for me! 


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