Sunday 10 January 2016

Edible Obsessions | Sunday Brunch at Forage

Hey Dolls!

I am actually proud of myself for keeping up with the Sunday Brunch {kind of} haha. Today, I popped into Forage on Robson st for a delicious brunch that uses ethically raised meat from Two Rivers and they work to incorporate as many in season vegetables into their dishes. This is my second time having brunch at Forage as the last time, I was not able to try all of their yummy dishes. What can I say, Brunch is my favourite meal and I petition it become an official weekday meal! 

The dish I went back for was the spiced lentils, merge sausage, poached eggs, spring peas, pea tips, mint yogurt and toast. Forage does not have names for the dishes on their menu, instead they list out the main ingredients. I got my eggs medium poached and sourdough bread. 

The flavours were amazing and it was a warm comforting lentil dish with pops of fresh spring peas! YUM! I love fresh spring green peas, they taste far better then frozen. My only complaint is that the server assured me there would be no big chunks of onion - I cannot stomach onions if I can see them - and there were big pieces of slimy white onions :( The server was angry because the kitchen needs to remain consistent. This dish has been on the money for a year now, and it is suppose to use minced onions that would not be visible amongst the lentils and peas. 

My friend had the roasted Turtle Valley bison on french baguette, house-fermented spicy hasp berry chutney, local brie and seasonal greens. The chutney was yumm and they gave a very big pieces of brie cheese and a generous amount of bison meat. Unfortunately, the bison was cold. It was not warm, it was cold.... kind of weird. But it tasted good. 

I am unsure if I will return for a third time since Forage does not have the best service. You can be sitting at the table for quite some time with no one coming to your table. No one really comes and checks in with you during the meal. We were not given any water and when you finish your meal, you kind of just sit there awkwardly hoping a server will notice you are ready for the bill. 

Great food, but service and food consistency needs to be improved. 

Let me know if you have tried Forage before and where should I grab Sunday Brunch next week?


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