Tuesday 12 January 2016

Oldies Goldies | iPod Touch 2nd Generation

Hiya Dolls!

Old is Gold is a phrase I have heard many many times and it is true! Who remembers when the iPod touch was released by Apple? It was around grade 9 for me! In grade 10, I was a lucky duck and got the iPod Touch 2nd generation for my birthday and it has been my first and only iPod since. 

I really love my iPod touch. Even though it is too old now for any further updates which means, I cannot download any apps on it anymore, it still does what it was primarily designed for, playing music. But honestly, I use my iPod primarily for listening to music when I am at the gym. I do not like having my phone on me when I am working out because it is distracting as well, I do not want to get my precious Blackberry all sweaty and gross gah! 

For this reason, I feel no need to upgrade my iPod to a newer version because I only use it for music. I can even purchase new music from iTunes on it and I have not had any problem syncing my iTouch to my music library. 

Also, my iTouch is far sturdier then newer apple electronics. I have never had my screen shatter on me and I only have a few minor scratches on the front. Also, all of the buttons work and I have never had any iOS problems either (aside from the fact it no longer upgrades, but it does not bother me). Haha I once accidentally dropped my iTouch in the Canada Line tacks and the screen did NOT crack!

I am not a crazy person who treats their items like a fragile baby, but I also do not take my belongings for granted. I try my best to not drop my items or purposefully damage them. You would be appalled by the number of friends I have who intentionally break their cell phones or laptops just so they can get a newer one. Honestly, that is just absurd and immature. Perhaps it is knowing my parents work extremely hard to earn money, so my brother and I can have a comfortable life. Or because I appreciate the hard work it takes to earn money as I have been working part time jobs since grade 10. 

Regardless, I do not treat my possessions with blatant disregard, but I also am not much of an electronic fanatic either! Now shoes on the other hand, I do not mind indulging myself with the latest trends hehe, but I also do wear all my shoes until they are practically fall apart. Haha I should talk about my tall chocolate brown Uggs. They were my first pair of Uggs I think in grade 9 and I refuse to get rid of my hole filled Uggs because sentimental value! 

Do you have any items that others may consider too old to keep, but you love it? Let me know in the comments below!


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