Thursday 21 January 2016

Hot Chocolate Festival 2016 | 49th Parallel Coffee + Lucky's Doughnuts

Good Morning Dolls!

As promised, I am going to be sharing with you all my adventures and opinions throughout this year's 6th annual hot chocolate festival! Perfect for cozying up during the dreadful rainy Vancouver days - i.e. today. 

I have decided to do a fun little ranking for every hot chocolate I try. I will be assessing:

• Visual Presentation
• Chocolatiness 
• Overall Flavour 
• Treat Accompaniment 

All four categories will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being MEH and 5 being AMAZING! 

49th Parallel offers three different hot chocolates for the festival, but I went with The Bee's Knees! It is a scrumptious combination of dark chocolate, lavender syrup, and steamed milk served with a  side of two lemon lavender biscotti's and a square of honey marshmallow. 

The Bee's Knees at 49th Parallel for 2016 Hot Chocolate Festival
I loved the presentation! It was adorable how they served it on their custom wooden trays and the biscotti stacked up and a little spoon. Yes, I am a sucker for display and packaging! Have you not ever bought something solely for the packaging? Well I have lawls! 

The hot chocolate was a rich chocolatey goodness, but I did not get any of the lavender flavour. It just tasted like a creamy cup of dark chocolate with steamed milk. However, the Biscottis were on point!!! They were soo delicious and tasted even more amazing when you dipped them in the hot chocolate! I loved the glaze and they were not too hard - you know you have had those biscotti's that require all your strength to bite into! And I loved how you could see bits of lavender in the biscotti. 

YASSS the Biscotti dipped in the hot chocolate!
The marshmallow on the other hand was not my favourite. I do not think they did a good job at balancing the honey flavour. It was a strong something, not a light sweet honey flavour. It also did not taste any better dunked in the hot chocolate. 

Overall, for my first hot chocolate of the festival, I am very happy and cannot wait to try more! 

The Bee's Knees Scores:
Visual = 4.5
Chocolatiness = 3.5
Flavour = 3
Accompaniment = 4 <-- the biscotti yeas

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried the Bee's Knees and suggestions for which hot chocolate I should try next!


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