Sunday 17 January 2016

Edible Obsessions | Tuc Craft Kitchen Brunch

Hey Hey Dolls,

Guess who got sick again :( I do not know why, but I have caught something really nasty that makes my throat feel like razor blades and constantly makes me cough... not fun. Needless to say, I did not have the energy to get myself to East Van Roasters for their The Buzzzzz hot chocolate. But not to worry, I did make it to the adorably rustic Tuc Craft Kitchen for some yummy brunch in Gastown! 

I know me being sick means things did not taste as they should as in for the first time ever I was not liking orange juice... WOW! 

Two of us - including me - got the Shakshuka as it not only had a super cool name. It was full of yummy ingredients like free run poached eggs, summer squash, spinach, jalapeƱo stewed plum tomatoes, and everyone's favourite, feta cheese. It came served piping hot in a mini cast iron skillet garnished with micrograms. What is not included in the menu is that the yummy eggs and tomato stew is served over top chunks sourdough bread. 

It was really good. I like how the yolk being runny mixed in with the stewed tomatoes becoming a delicious creamy eggy tomato goodness that got soaked up by the sourdough bread. The negative was that as you were eating the Shakshuka, the bread eventually becomes soggy and does not add any texture. I think it would be better if the bread was served on the side and then you can dip the sourdough into the delicious stew! 

It tasted great and tasted sweet to me haha I do not think they added sugar and maybe my palate is a bit weird being sick. 

Our other friend got the classic Crispy Chicken & Waffles. Let me just really make this clear - the chicken pieces are HUGE! We are probably talking about a half chicken being served with the waffles. Just two giant pieces of free run chicken breasts and so crispy that you can practically hear the crunch as they set the plate down in front of you. And yes yes, it did come with waffles, but the chicken is far more glorious and takes the spotlight haha. Also they give you some mighty fine creamy dijon mustard yummyyyy. Lastly, let me also emphasize that unless you are a heavy weight rugby player, you will probably only be able to tackle half of this dish in one sitting. 

The owner of Tuc Craft Kitchen came by and joked with us how they should start giving out a free t-shirt if someone is able to devour Crispy Chicken & Waffles in one sitting. 

Also, the staff is really sweet at Tuc. Our server noticed that I was not feeling well and she brought over hot water with lemon and a shot glass of honey hehe for me. Really sweet of her and it is the small gestures like that that really want you to return to a restaurant. 

Most likely will be returning in the future when I am feeling better to try their Berries & Gauffres as well as their infamous Crispy Bacon & Egg. 

Do let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions on places I should check out for brunch as I LOVE brunch! 


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