Thursday 28 January 2016

2016 Hot Chocolate Festival | East Van Roasters!!

Hi Dolls! 

I was so excited to try East Van Roaster's The Buzzzzz hot chocolate! I have talked about them in my YP Smartlist on Hot Chocolate in Vancouver because they are experts when it comes to hot chocolate! Firstly, East Van Roaster's makes their own chocolate in house starting with roasting the cocoa nibs themselves! Their single origin hot chocolate is already amazing, but oh my god, The Buzzzzz was mind-blowing! 

If you have seen my post on 49th Parallel and The Last Crumb Bakery for the Hot Chocolate Festival 2016, you already know that I am doing a little rating system for every hot chocolate I try. I will be assessing:

• Visual Presentation
• Chocolatiness 
• Overall Flavour 
• Treat Accompaniment 

All four categories will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being MEH and 5 being AMAZING!

East Van Roasters partnered up with Hives for Humanity in the creation of The Buzzzzz. I honestly hope to visit Hives for Humanity, a non-profit organization, in the future as I am a curious person who finds apiculture - beekeeping - quite fascinating! Without our little fuzzy buzzing pollinators, we would not have beautiful flowers and fruits & veggies. As well, random fun fact of the day courtesy of moi - pure honey never goes bad! I do hope to partake in one of their upcoming workshops, so when I do, I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share more info with you then! 

Back to the hot chocolate now! 

So The Buzzzzz is a creamy complex flavour combination of Hives for Humanity Honey, Bee Pollen and single-origin Madagascar drinking chocolate. I want to say this was milk chocolate as it was not a robust bitter chocolate flavour that you would get with dark chocolate. The most interesting part was the bee pollen. This was my first time having bee pollen (I actually had no clue that you could collect and consume bee pollen?!?!) and it was really unique. They had sprinkled some at the top and it was crunchy and sweet. As well, I think with the combination of the bee pollen and pure honey, the flavour of honey was very distinct and strong. 

The Buzzzzz Hot Chocolate, a pair up between East Van Roasters and Hive's for Humanity!
I highly suggest sharing The Buzzzzz as it is quite rich, but also extremely satisfying! I found the undertones of honey got a little overwhelming near the end. As well, lets not forget the little adorable in-house made honey financier! It was SOOO GOOD and I wish they made it in loaf form and gave us a slice of that delicious honey loaf! I highly suggest dunking it into the hot chocolate! 

My ratings:
Chocolatieness = 3 The honey definitely overpowered the milk chocolate
Visual = 3.5
Flavour = 4
Accompaniment = 3.5

Overall very yummy and definitely worth checking out! The Buzzzzz is only available until January 29th so hurry before you miss out. 


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