Tuesday 2 February 2016

2016 Hot Chocolate Festival | Thierry's Dark Chocolate & Saffron

Hi Dolls,

I know I have been away for a bit as I have had a family matter. That being said, I am back now and going to be getting back into the swing of things! It is February - the official month of love - and I have lots of fun things planned to share with all of you! 

Let me start this month off with the delicious dark & saffron hot chocolate from Thierry! 
(if you have not already, check out my YP Smartlist on Hot Chocolate in Vancouver

I was really bummed I missed their earlier concoction of milk & coffee as it looked delicious! Why do so many restaurants have to put a time restraint on their creations? Really makes it tough to visit all the ones you want to try when you have a million other responsibilities! Plus, it has been absolutely disgusting for the last little while in Vancouver with all the torrential down pour. Me being a primary transit user, I hate bussing when the weather forecast predicts lots and lots of rain. 

They used a rich 67% Los Ancones chocolate by Paris chocolatier Michel Cluizel for their hot chocolate and topped it with a generous dollop of creamy saffron whipped cream. The best part in my opinion had to be their accompanying treat, the batonnet! It was a white chocolate & saffron ice cream that was incased in the smoothest 72% dark chocolate ever! It honestly melted in your mouth! That chocolate was beyond creamy, definitely some high quality stuff. I kind of ate it so fast, that there was no opportunity to take a picture of what the inside is the batonnet looked like. 

Now for the fun stuff, my little rating for the hot chocolates!

• Visual Presentation - 2
• Chocolatiness  - 4
• Overall Flavour - 4.5
• Treat Accompaniment - 4.5 

All four categories is ranked on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being MEH and 5 being AMAZING!

I would say Thierry definitely wowed me on the flavour and pairing aspect! They definitely are experts when it comes to creamy delicious chocolate. 

The other hot chocolates I have tried so far are from East Van Roosters49th Parallel and The Last Crumb Bakery. I am hoping to try a few more flavours before the festival ends on February 14th. If you think there is a flavour that I must try, please let me know in the comments below because I definitely would not want to miss out on it!


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