Wednesday 10 February 2016

Gurly's Life | Feeding the Koi Fish at the Telus Gardens

Hi Dolls!

The other day I was at The Telus Gardens studying for an upcoming midterm of mine. I love studying there because I find the water display to be extremely calming. Specifically the open stream inside with gorgeous koi fish. 

These Koi fish are beautiful. A mixture of deep reds, oranges, whites and blacks, honestly abstract art. But I am also a sucker for the Koi fish that have gold glittery scales! So cute and SHINYYYYY + GOLD! hehe

I was sitting on the ground just mesmerized at the cute little fishies swimming about when I thought, why not ask the security desk if they have any fish food? I am so glad that I did ask because he was thrilled that I came up and asked versus feeding the Koi Fish human food. You do not want to be feeding them crumbs and other odds and bits you have because it makes the Koi fish really sick and they will die :( 

He was all up for me feeding the fish and told me to grab a handful of the fish food pellets and I went back over and sat on the ground and fed the fishiesss! Probably the highlight of my day! I think I sat there for a half hour feeding them. They were so cute! And I was surprised that they actually would follow my hand with the fish food - sign of intelligence! 

At one point, the Koi fish I guess got a little over excited and one of the leapt out of the water completely startling me! Needless to say, I let out a loud shriek, but followed by lots and lots of giggles hehe. 

Thought I would just share this because I had so much fun and it made me extremely happy and yah! And as a public service announcement to not feed the Koi Fish human food and if you really want to feed them, kindly ask security and they will be happy to give you fish food! 


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