Sunday 14 February 2016

2016 Hot Chocolate Festival | Butter Baked Goods

YUMMMM the Choc-o-coco from Butter Baked Goods!
Hi Dolls!

I have finally made it to Butter! These are the hot chocolates I have been looking forward to during the entire festival. So it only made sense to save them for last! Hehe and because I love Butter so much, I had to get both of the hot chocolates. Also, if you have not already, be sure to check out my hot chocolate smart list for YP for all the yummy hot chocolates available year round! 

The Choc-o-coco is a delightful combination of chocolate and coconut with lots of whip creamy goodness. Honestly, this is the first hot chocolate I have had all festival to have whipped cream as a topping. I think more shops should have done whip cream because when I think hot chocolate, I generally also think of whip cream! They are mac and cheese. Okay, weird analogy when we are talking about a sweet beverage, but still! The chocolate was great and the coconut shreds gave great texture! However, the accompaniment, that chocolate coconut square .... YUM! I think I ate it in one bite! 

My rating is on a scale of 5 being amazing and 1 being meh in four categories:

Chocolatiness 3
Flavour 4
Visual 4
Accompaniment 5

Butter's second hot chocolate flavour is the Fluffernutter!!! White chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch topped with a vanilla & peanut butter  marshmallow mmmmmm If you are not familiar with Butter, they make delicious squares of marshmallows, so I was happy to get two giant squares! This hot chocolate was very sweet, probably from the white chocolate. 

The Fluffernutter from Butter Baked Goods!
Chocolatines 2 white chocolate tends to just be sweet and not a distinct "chocolate" flavour
Flavour 4.5
Visual 4
Accompaniment 4.5

Be sure to check out my thoughts on the other hot chocolates I have tried so far for this year's hot chocolate festival: East Van Roosters49th Parallel , Thierry , Diva at the Met, French Made Baking and The Last Crumb Bakery

So that is IT! I will be doing a final round up of all the flavours I tried during this year's Hot Chocolate Festival and rank them from my favourite to ones I would not go for seconds. So look out for that! 

Thank you for following along on my hot chocolate adventures! I had so much fun! 


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