Saturday 27 February 2016

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What I sent my swappeee! 
Hiya Dolls!

A month back I took part in Pixel Paper Heart's Notebook Exchange. She organized the entire thing and paired up 50 individuals for the swap. It was fabulous because she did all the hard work of finding people who want to do the swap. As well, pairing us up by country; therefore, we would not have to spend extra money for international shipping. 

This was my first swap ever and I was a little nervous as there have been many instances where swaps do not end well. In most scenarios, one individual would put in a lot of effort and send products exceeding the agreed upon budget, but unfortunately what they receive is far from what they imagined. There are several youtube videos where you can watch youtubers opening their swap boxes and end up in tears as it becomes apparent they were scammed :( 

What I received from my swappeeee!
However, I had high hopes for this swap as the rules were very clear and there was not a lot of room for things to go wrong! The rules were set by Pixel Paper Heart. The budget  (excluding shipping) was $20 and this was to be primarily a notebook swap. 

I sent my swappee three notebooks from various retailers (Chapters, Urban Outfitters and Brick & Mortar) as well I threw in two colours of my favourite pens - Le Pens! I also sent her a hand written letter on a cute card hehe. Personally I did go over budget, but I did not just want to send her like one and a half notebooks! Nicer notebooks generally range from $9 to $15. 

What I received from my swappee were four adorable notebooks!!! - One of them being a Rifle Paper Co notebook! For those unfamiliar with the brand, Rifle Paper Co. can be quite expensive in terms of stationary. She also sent me a teeny tiny notebook, perfect for keeping in your purse at all times and two more regular sized notebooks that are quite thick. 

I am really glad I took part in the Note Book Swap! I hope to take part in it again as I love notebooks and go through many every year. 

Thank you again to my swap buddy for sending me amazing notebooks as well Pixel Paper Hearts for organizing this event! 


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