Monday 29 February 2016

Edible Obessions | La Pentola Yaletown

Hey Dolls!

the other night, I indulged in the most amazing candle lit dinner at La Pentola Yaletown and I just had to share it with you all. I am a HUGE pasta connoisseur. I could have pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could, but unfortunately, too many carbs so boo :( 

I feel most walk past La Pentola without even noticing it as it is not along Hamilton street that is the primary stretch of restaurants in Yaletown. However, it is right by the start of it, but it is often overlooked as it is hidden under the Opus hotel. 

This classic Italian restaurant, has chefs that know what they are doing when it comes to pasta. Girl, let me just say, those noodles gave me chills. I practically shovelled it down. Let me just back up a little to the appetizer because I can talk on and on about their pasta forever. 

My friend and I shared the Parmesan Souffle. I kind of just randomly blurted it out to the waitress without really even reading what it was haha. I just wanted the pasta already .... pasta problems. The Souffle has a eggy texture and consistency and is not like an ooey gooey baked brie. It sliced like a frittata. It was light, yet still dense. And it sat upon a bed of balsamic carrots, roasted beet slices, and toasted almonds, perfect for some crunch. I highly suggest eating all the elements together as the tang from balsamic carrots and beets evens out the richness of the parmesan souffle while the toasted almonds gave it texture. Something unique that I have never had before! I recommend you try the Parmesan Souffle  on your visit to La Pentola!!!

On to the PASTA! I had the Maltagliati - "poorly cut pasta" in lamb argue, mint and finished with shavings of pecorino cheese. Let me just say, these are not poorly cut pasta, in fact are large triangles cut with a super cool scalloped blade. Surprisingly, I was able to gracefully scoop these large triangular pasta noodles into my mouth with no extra corralling. The pasta was cooked to absolute PERFECTION! I can no longer have normal pasta. Now let me tell you about the most buttery flavourful lamb ragu that coated the pasta. SOOO GOOD! Haha really great description Gurleen but it was just SOOO GOOD! 

The best part about going to restaurants with a friend is that you get to sneak a bite or two from their dish hehe. In this case, the Agnolotti Del Plin, little pockets of pasta stuffed with sweet duck confit, cooked in marsala currants and brown butter sage sauce. Garnished with fried basil and shaved cheese! This was my first time having duck confit and it was delicious! It is sweet and really tender. But between the two dishes, I would choose the Maltagliati. Sometimes simple is best!  

By this point, we were both beyond stuffed, but we could not leave without sampling La Pentola's dessert menu. They have delivered magnificent dishes and I could only imagine how mind-blowing of a dessert they can create. Guess I had too high of expectations because the Poached Pear sucked.... like really just sucked.... Firstly, I imagined a full WARM poached pear drizzled in decadent caramel sauce. What was placed before us was far from it.... it was pieces of cold poached pear, halves of goose berry and probably the driest ginger bread cake pieces ever, and a little scoop vanilla gelato, all the elements spread out across a little bit of caramel sauce.....  Ummmm so yah.... Really bummed. This could have been a grand slam to the end of our dinner :( but it was a flop and we did not even finish the dessert, can you even believe it?!? Gurleen leaving a dessert unfinished. 

La Pentola is a wonderful restaurant, absolutely gorgeous on the inside with some of the best Italian dishes I have tasted to this date. I am weary about the dessert, but maybe it was just that particular dessert or perhaps it was not executed correctly. Regardless, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt for the dessert! 

Let me know if you have been to La Pentola and if you loved it as much I did! As well, leave me some Italian restaurant suggestions as I am always on the look out for delicious pasta. 


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