Wednesday 17 February 2016

Gurly's Life | Adventures at Vancouver's Catfe

Hi Dolls!

Looks like the rain is back in Vancouver... major bummer. So I am glad I went to the Catfe yesterday while it was beautiful and sunny out! For those of you who unfamiliar with Catfe, this is the first Cat Cafe to operate in Vancouver, opening its doors last summer 2015. Vancouver is currently the third city across Canada to have a furry friend cafe. 

Even though I am more of a dog person myself - love me my derpy pugs hehe - I had to visit Catfe to support their initiative. All cats at Catfe are from the BC SPCA and are all available for adoption! How fabulous is that! Animal shelters, like the BC SPCA, keep keep all their animals in small cages as it is much more feasible and manageable. It is the unfortunate reality when there are a large number of animals needing to be re-homed. 

At Catfe, these furry felines get to relax and roam around a large open space full of fun kitty toys and activities while being able to interact with other cats as well as humans! All of the cats I got to play with yesterday at the Catfe were extremely happy and enjoyed wandering around the big cafe at their leisure. 

The best news, approximately 40 cats have been successfully re-homed from Catfe! This is fabulous! Catfe apparently had to even close a couple of times because all their kitties were now in a new home. 

Also, the priority at Catfe is the health and welfare of all the cats. For this reason, only 16 individuals are permitted to be in the cafe at a time as well no outdoor cats are permitted! As well, the cats must meet a certain criteria to be part of the Catfe family as they must be friendly and wanting to be around unknown individuals. 

I think Catfe is a really amazing new addition to Vancouver as its primary motive is to find cats new homes. However, I do hope a dog cafe comes soon! Hehe but cats are far more easier as they will go to the bathroom in their litter boxes. 

Let me know what you think of Catfe and if you have visited them yet?


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