Tuesday 23 February 2016

Chic Life | Get your skinny jeans on trend

Hi Dolls!

Many of you have been requesting me to do more "fashion" posts and I am getting on it! I promise! Just gotten through a hell of a crazy few months of school and things are finally calming down for me to branch out! Plus, the toughest part is just getting pictures of me dressed up. Because firstly, it has been raining non-stop in Vancouver and secondly, I am an awkward duck in front of the camera.  Also, I need someone to physically take the picture of me... selfies just do not do a good outfit justice.

For a couple of years now, the loose legged boyfriend jeans have been the "it" denim style. Personally, I never got into the loose denim trend, but I did like the cuffed look! Leaving the jeans un-cuffed make them look slouchy, but who knew that a simple fold would turn boyfriend jeans into tres chic! 

Using cuffed boyfriend jeans as inspiration, I started cuffing my skinny jeans from Guess when I am wearing them with loafers or flat soled shoes during the warmer days. As long as your jeans are not the jegging style, which is the stretchy fabric that practically hugs your skin. The cuffed look really will not work with jeggings. 

I am so glad I tried out the cuffed look with my skinny jeans because now I can wear them several ways! YAY! Also, I think wearing your skinny jeans cuffed with loafers looks super cute! hehe Now if only finding the perfect fitting jeans was just as easy :( 

If you are wondering, all of my denim are from Guess. It just turned out Guess jeans fit my curves the best and I felt my best in them! The style I generally opt for is the power skinny; however, I always feel and stretch the denim. I avoid the super stretchy jegging fabric as I do not like when my jeans hug my lower leg. I like mine fitted in the thighs, butt and waist and a little more room in the knees and lower legs. 

Let me know if you like this post! I am working on more fashion pieces and I am going to keep them simple where anyone can pull the look together from their current closet pieces! 


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