Thursday 4 February 2016

7 Lattes & Wishes | Valentines Day 2016 Adorable Gifts!

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Hey dolls!

I am not the most mushy kinda girl when it comes to affection. I show it in my own ways like paying attention and always being there for someone. Also, I do not feel February 14th should be a day of gift exchange. It more should be about enjoying the time together and reflecting on the amazing memories you have made. 

So this little gift guide is not about giving extravagant gifts, but about showing the individual in your life that their companionship really means a lot to you! 

The lock & key is just soo cute and its rose gold and I am loving it. Plus, I have always wanted to go to France and leave a love lock. Yes, I do not need to get a fancy one like this, but it is just nice okayyyy. Also, the heart puzzle is fun because you can put it together and write a message on the back. In order for them to read your message, they will need to assemble the puzzle. Just cute and adorable and puzzles are awesome. 

The simplest of gifts are the best. That is why I love cards. I am loving the quirky designs that will give both of you a good laugh, but then you can also express the more mushy details on the inside. Also, thumbs up for the scratch and sniff Appealing Banana card. We all love a good pun & yeas bring that scratch and sniff back! And a little throwback to when we were younger, who remembers the check the appropriate box love notes from all the romcoms? The Be Mine card is simple yet packs a mighty punch hehe. 

The little themed books are tres cute and fun. Make it a little more personal with the "What I love about YOU!" or about both of you with the "What I love about US!" book. Really comes in handy when you are having a hard time expressing yourself with words. 

I am a HUGE picture lover! In fact, I miss the printed polaroids. Digital camera's are great because you can take a large amount of pictures that you can then edit and delete the not so appealing pictures; however, they sort of remain forever on are devices. I honestly do not know anyone who actually even prints any of their pictures taken on an electronic device any more :( The instax mini cameras are great, but their quality is rubbish. You win some you lose some. Moving on from my mini speech, present a couple of cute framed polaroids. That way, they can keep them always in sight! The Mini Insta Frame from UO fits three minis and is a great price from a picture frame. 

I am also a HUGE fresh cut flower lover. I will be doing a post on it very soon on my favourite florists to pick up the most gorgeous blooms. As well, a box of quality chocolate truffles hurt no one. hehe

These are just some of the ideas I had for some small cute gifts to express how much they mean to you. I hope this list gave you some inspiration!


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