Saturday 13 February 2016

2016 Hot Chocolate Festival | French Made Baking

Hi Dolls!

we are coming to the end of the Hot Chocolate Festival so boo, but I am trying to get in a last few! Thought I would give a dairy free hot chocolate a try! Also, if you have not already, be sure to check out my hot chocolate smart list for YP for all the yummy hot chocolates available year round! 

Okay, so I decided to hit up French Made Baking as they made their hot chocolate flavours tougher to get - the flavours had random days of availability?!?! The elusive Rose Mallow is an almond coconut milk dark hot chocolate with hibiscus and raspberry. 

Unfortunately, the almond and coconut milk just did not do it for me. I am more of a dairy kind of girl who loves the creamy richness of cows milk. It was too thin for me and lacked in creaminess, maybe they should have put in some coconut cream? Also, what made it weirder was when the marshmallows melted, the sort of congealed haha oh joy! 

Overall, I think I am going to opt for dairy hot chocolates. Just not my cup of tea hehe The marshmallows; however, were amazing and I loved how they gave two giant cubes! My only confusion has to be if the hot chocolate was supposed to be rose flavoured as the name has rose in it. I tasted no rose! 

My little rating system for the hot chocolates. 5 being amazing and 1 being Meh:

Chocolatiness 3
Flavour 2
Accompaniment 4
Visual 2

Tomorrow, I am going to hit up Butter Baked Goods! I saved my favourite for last and hope to be wowed! 

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